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Fall has always been a season of preparation and homemaking. Way back when, that meant a season of harvest and food preservation, or maybe migration—but these days it usually just means that it’s time to finish a couple outdoor chores and then maybe schedule a tropical vacation to mitigate the impending winter doldrums. This year, though, many of us are looking at a long winter spent mostly – if not exclusively – in our homes. 

Considering that we will be spending more time than ever stuck inside, this is a great year to rethink our living spaces. Personally, I just re-organized my entire tiny apartment, but if you are looking for something a little more dramatic than shuffling your furniture around—then planning some remodeling projects is a great way to keep you occupied through the colder months. Of course, remodeling entire rooms is an option, but if you just want a project or two to keep you busy, re-tiling or re-lighting any room of the house makes for a great task.

Projects That Will Leave You Floored

There are countless tiling projects to keep you and yours busy through fall and into winter. Whether you choose to build a fireplace, modernize a backsplash, or retile a grimy shower, this kind of project can completely revamp your space without taking too much time or effort.

Rubble Tile is a Lavender favorite for tiling projects. Not only is it a local, woman-owned business, it also has a 90-plus year legacy. Rubble Tile has spent decades forging strong relationships with manufacturers both near and far, all while perfecting its craft and growing a loyal Minnesotan customer base. 

Steve Prodoehl, COO of Rubble Tile, explains, “We foster committed partnerships with our vendors, focusing on manufacturers that are environmentally sustainable and as committed as we are to satisfying our customers.” 

Rubble Tile is prepared for any tile-based project you have in mind, whether you are working on something large-scale and corporate or a smaller, in-home endeavor. Similarly, Rubble Tile’s access to a wide range of vendors means that they have an impressive catalogue of materials to choose from. “We offer a wide range of materials,” Prodoehl says, “Ceramic and porcelain, natural stone, glass, metal, and concrete. We carry exclusive lines from around the world—from custom hand-crafted tiles made in the U.S.A., to the most technologically advanced porcelains from Europe.” 

The consumer experience at Rubble Tile is consistently great. “We pride ourselves in our commitment to providing the best possible customer experiences, as we value each individual who chooses us.” Prodoehl says, “We are Proud Allies of our entire Minneapolis community, and believe that everyone deserves beautiful design.”

With so many different projects to choose from and the expert guidance from the staff at Rubble Tile, you are sure to find the right project (or projects!) for you. 

Light Up Your Life

Another way to make a high-impact change in any living space without going for a complete makeover, is by rethinking your lighting options. Make your furniture pop with track lighting, switch those harsh overhead lights to cozy lamps you can curl up by, or maybe just get yourself that chandelier you’ve been dreaming about for the last few years. 

Creative Lighting is one of Lavender’s favorite lighting retailers. Founded in 1926, Creative Lighting is about as historical as a midwestern business can be. “Now a third generation, family-owned business, the Creative Lighting story is one comprised of dedication and dreams,” Tara Simons, Business Operations and Marketing Director, says. She explains how the business shifted from its utilitarian roots to more chic options over the years, “With a desire to grow with the times, the Minsberg family vision became clear: they would create a new showroom in St. Paul and offer the finest array of decorative, residential-lighting fixtures available.”

Creative Lighting has achieved that vision. “Whatever your lighting project—big or small—we are here to help!” Simons says. And she means it. She quickly rattles off a list of potential projects, including basic fixture selection, lighting layouts, LED systems, and more. With the option to consult with lighting specialists both online or virtually, you are well on your way to crafting a deliberately-lit space with Creative Lighting.

“As we reflect on almost 95 years in business, we are reminded that our core values are the reason for our success and longevity,” Simons says. The quality of Creative Lighting’s work and products obviously contribute to their success, but Simons explains that “by building trust, providing solutions, collaborating and evolving, we have created a loyal customer base.” It is that loyal customer base that Simons credits as the key contributing factor to Creative Lighting’s longevity. 

Creative Lighting is a great local option for your lighting needs, but do not just take my word for it. Take theirs. “We have been a community fixture since 1926. We look forward to the opportunity to Illuminate Life for you and your family.” 

If puns like those don’t tell you everything you need to know about working with Creative Lighting, I don’t know what will. 

COVID Concerns

If you are anything like me, you have a small list of COVID-related questions that you need answered before you contact Rubble Tile or Creative Lightning. Luckily, both businesses have responsible protocols in place regarding the pandemic. Rubble Tile has invited consumers to schedule appointments to their showroom. This way, Poehler explains, the team has a chance “to properly sanitize our workspaces and keep our family of employees and customers as safe as possible.” Rubble Tile has COVID precautions on every level, from showroom, to warehouse, to customer service. Of course, contact-free pickups are also available!

Creative Lighting is utilizing similar protocols and tools. “Custom acrylic shields are installed in all consultation and transaction areas. We have a limited number of in-store customers allowed during store hours and social distancing signage and protocols have been implemented.” Simons explains, “We have private shopping hours available before and after showroom hours.” Curbside pickup, virtual consultations, and direct shipping are all available. “Your safety and comfort is our priority,” Simons says.

Rethinking our living spaces can be a great way to make sure that not only do we stay busy for the next several months, but also that we create a living space that continues to inspire and comfort us as our social and outdoor activity options become more limited. Whether you look into one of our favorite local businesses or just rearrange your furniture, here’s hoping that we all have a cozy, healthy (and maybe even productive!) fall and winter. 

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