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Scott Belcher, a real estate agent with Re/Max Results, sheds light on home buying for seniors.

When Scott Belcher earned his Real Estate License in 2003, he knew he was on a journey to helping people of all ages find homes. What he didn’t know 16 years ago was that he would eventually find himself focusing on senior home buyers.

“In the spring of this year, I completed coursework to achieve my designation as a senior real estate specialist. While I continue to enjoy the opportunity to work with clients of all ages, through this designation I have learned a deeper insight into working with individuals embarking on their later life journey. I truly appreciate working with a diverse range of clients. I am always looking for an opportunity to learn from the experience that
each one provides,” Belcher says.

Belcher’s primary area of focus started in South Minneapolis where he was residing at that time, but over the years as a realtor, his business grew due to referrals from past clients, family, and friends.

“These referrals often take me to areas throughout the Twin Cities and surrounding suburbs. With the real estate tools that I use, combined with my knowledge and experience, I feel well prepared to serve buyers and sellers within a fairly large radius of Minneapolis proper,” Belcher says.

Though seniors might be in a much different place in their lives than other clients of Belcher’s, he says they have relatively similar lists of needs and wants as all of his other clients. If they are employed, Belcher says he always makes sure to ask about the importance of having a short commute, and he also asks about their transportation needs to understand if they need a parking spot, easy access to public transportation, etc.

Belcher also makes sure to understand if they have any unique accessibility needs, who they like to socialize with on a regular basis, if there are places that they regularly frequent or would like to be near, and if they prefer the home to have all maintenance already taken care of or if they’d prefer more of a fixer upper.

“In reality, the needs, wants, and preferences of every client are going to vary for everyone regardless of their age, and/or other demographic category,” he says. “If given the opportunity, I find that there is usually a solution to every problem. I take pride in being a problem solver, and at the end of the day I enjoy the reward of having a happy client who I was able to help have a better life. I am [a] firm believer that getting older does not mean that we want to stop enjoying life.”

Belcher says clients who are 55 or older may be defined as a senior, but he often finds that they can be as active or more active than someone half of their age. “Age is simply a number. I enjoy helping others make changes to find whatever living space that will best meet their current needs. Of course, this also includes planning for the future. For some, they may plan on three to five years within their next home. For others, they may see their next home as a long-term residence to enjoy their retirement years,” he adds.

Belcher offers new clients an initial consultation (free and without obligation) to determine what challenges are present within the client’s current home and to determine a strategy to address any challenges that exist. Occasionally, clients will discover that, with a few modifications, the home they are currently in is where they would like to stay. But more often, the customer’s current home is found to pose increasing challenges from getting their day to day needs, he says.

“So often, change is associated with loss, whereas it can also be presented as an opportunity. I see it as my
role to help guide the senior and their family through the many steps of this life event. By identifying the current
needs of the individual, a new space that better serves their needs can significantly improve their quality of life. I
would say the best advice is to allow others to help,” Belcher says. “There are a large number of resources available within the metro area that are well equipped to help seniors with most steps of this process. Connecting my clients with the appropriate resources is another way that I can be of service.”

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