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While the housing market remains slow, large-scale remodeling projects are just not paying off for homeowners. However, smaller remodeling projects, say, a kitchen update or a bathroom remodel can have a positive impact on your lifestyle, and still pay off in an eventual sale.  Enter ProHome Renovating, whose co-owners, Vince Cronje and Jeff Ertl do those in-between projects, like decks, garages, basement remodels, kitchens, bathrooms, furniture assembly, and more. Even if you could get a large remodeling company to do your project, there are many benefits to working with a smaller team, like personalized customer service and communication. Cronje states, “We are the guys who are going to be doing the work. One of us is always here. If we have to hire help, then we’re supervising, and we’re always in control of what’s going on.” The team also has a policy of making the entire process respectful (and far less chaotic) by always cleaning up at the end of the work day, and being conscientious of household pets. Estimates aren’t an exact science, but both Cronje and Ertl have years and years of experience with a wide variety of jobs, and they know when to expect the unexpected. If they forget to include costs on their estimate, the duo would rather pay the difference themselves rather than stick their customer with the extra charge. It’s part of their overall business philosophy, which values honesty and craftsmanship over a quick buck, as Ertl explains. He adds, “Rather than just do a job and get out, we try to build relationships. I know Vince has had some of his customers his whole career, and I have too, for 10-12 years.” The duo works throughout the Twin Cities on both commercial and residential properties of any era.   To schedule an appointment, contact ProHome Renovating through their website at, or by calling 612-205-5618.

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