2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Justin Jones


What makes gift buying so hard is not knowing how to answer the question, “What do they want?” Ask all you want and this is what you’ll hear: “Don’t worry about it,” “I don’t need anything,” or, my favorite, “I’m sure anything you buy will be great!” Which leaves us educated-guessing, stressing out, and dreading friends’ fake excitement when the wrapping paper comes off.

Yet we all carry mile-long wish lists, ones we’re too polite to share, even when solicited. So for this gift guide, rather than me telling you what I’d buy, I thought I’d demand three of my best friends to “Stop the ‘I don’t need anything’ B.S. and tell me what you want.”

These are the wish lists of three guys with distinct tastes, maybe similar to friends of your own. Hope this helps you out, and good luck this season!

For the Sporty Professional
Peter’s Picks


Elisa Peretti Bean® Cuff Links
Stunning 20mm-wide cufflinks of lapis lazuli to make your coworkers jealous (or to pull in your date for a kiss). Set in sterling silver.
Tiffany & Co.


Fitbit Flex Wireless Wristband
On trend to become one of the holiday’s most popular gifts, the Fitbit tracks every step you take and every move you make to get you in shape. It syncs with your phone, and it’s the healthiest stalker you’ll ever have.


For the Techy Audiophile
William’s Picks


Audio-Technica Headphone
For serious music lovers and makers, this is more than a headphone. As part of Audio-Technica’s flagship line, with unparalleled sound quality and lush ear padding, this is an experience.
Best Buy


Pebble Wristwatch
Everyone will have one of these soon, so you might as well get ahead of the game. An exhibition in techno-ingenuity, you’ll never have to take your phone out of your pocket–not for controlling your music, starting GPS navigation, or any of the other fancy things smartphones do.


For the Bon Vivant
Brandon’s Picks


AllSaints Sylvan Coat
Fashion-forward, but with timeless appeal, this is a staple in the closets of men who want to stay warm–and trendy. Prato wool with horn buttons, slim fitting and beautifully crafted, this will keep you hot in more ways than one.
All Saints


Taste: Seasonal Wine Membership
Be the toast of your inner circle. The Taste package from Share includes six bottles of fascinating, hard-to-find wines from around the world. Seasonal selections curated locally. More packages available.
$150 – 6 bottle membership


For Everyone

Make ‘em smile! It makes it all worthwhile, doesn’t it, to see someone light up when you surprise them with something they love? There are too many kids, though, who never have even a smile as a gift, who fight every night to stay warm, who are grateful simply for a warm bed, a full stomach, and a clean body. Consider this our #1 pick. The other stuff is just stuff.

United Way Arise Project Donation
The Arise Project raises money for and provides resources to homeless GLBT youth in the Twin Cities. I implore you, please visit the Arise Project website (they’re also on Facebook) to learn more about this epidemic and how you can help.
United Way
Any donation helps

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