We Love to Be Free


Hoping to reach the ears of undecided voters before November 6, the We Love To Be Free CD project (organized by David Alderson and Nicole Schwartz Navratil) is a compilation of local musicians singing about love in all its forms. Inspired by Jason Mraz’s song, “I’m Yours,” Nicole began to organize the project and the result is a compilation of local and national musicians including Ann Reed, Ellis, The Roe Family Singers, Dan Wilson, Annie Humphrey, Sonic Love Child, Dakota Dave Hull, Charlie Parr, Bill Geezy, Chastity Brown, Steve Kaul & The Brass Kings, Pert Near Sandstone, Dean Magraw, Soukousize, and Nirmala Rajasekar–all Minnesota artists who support the freedom to marry for every person who is in a committed, loving relationship. Nicole says, “Music is powerful. It might be one of the most powerful forms of art out there, because it speaks directly to someone’s soul.”

The CD release party will take place on October 21 at Patrick’s Cabaret and will include Ellis, Bill Geezy, Dakota Dave Hull, Annie Humphrey, Dallas Johnson and Siama Matuzungidi, Charlie Parr, The Roe Family Singers, and Sonic Love Child. For tickets, email: [email protected] or visit the Electric Fetus. CD can be purchased at www.mnunited.org/welovetobefree.

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