Namaste Café Raising Funds for Nepal Earthquake Victims

Namaste Fundraiser
By Rajee Aryal

As you know, Nepal, where most of our friends and family live, has been struck by a devastating earthquake, killing thousands, injuring many more and affecting more than 9 million people (a fourth of the country). Our family and friends are OK but there are so many who are not. Many of our friends are working tirelessly to help however they can on the ground. Hearing first-hand accounts of the plight they face, it is impossible for us not to make an effort on our part. So at Namaste Café, we have started a fundraising drive to directly help those who are working on the ground to bring quick relief to the victims without going through bureaucratic and organizational delays.

This is a unique opportunity for direct aid. The funds we collect will go toward helping those on the ground with little to no institutional help. We will be fully accountable for the money we raise, the use of funds will be transparent and we will give you, our donors opportunities for a voice in the use of funds.

You can make a donation to our direct fundraising effort online here or at Namaste Café, 2512 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis.

Namaste Fundraiser

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