Meet the 2016 Twin Cities Pride Grand Marshals


By Lindsi Gish

Please join us in celebrating the following individuals for their exceptional, transformational contributions to our community. Each year, Twin Cities Pride recognizes individuals who’ve had a compelling, lasting, and transformational impact on the local GLBTQ community. Here are the Grand Marshals for 2016:

Roxanne Anderson. Photo by Anna Min of Min Enterprises Photography

Roxanne Anderson. Photo by Anna Min of Min Enterprises Photography

Roxanne Anderson
Nominated by: Quinn Villagomez

Roxanne Anderson is a community activist who has been working for social justice in the GLBTQ community for 20-plus years. Their list of accomplishments and involvement is extensive, but here are just a few that make them prime Grand Marshal material:

  • Trans and Racial Justice Director for Outfront MN
  • Volunteer Director for the Minnesota Transgender Health Coalition
  • CEO/Founder of RARE Productions
  • Co-owner of Cafe SouthSide in South Minneapolis

They are passionate about the rights of QPOC/Transgender POC, and strive to make sure QPOC/TPOC are represented and respected as human beings and not looked at for gender identity alone. Thanks, Roxanne, for your tremendous contributions and tireless work to make our community a more just and accepting place.

D Rojas. Photo by Rebecca Jean Lawrence Photography

D Rojas. Photo by Rebecca Jean Lawrence Photography

D Rojas
Nominated by: Janell Sill

D Rojas demonstrates leadership skills in oh-so-many ways. Whether she’s escorting the mayor in the Pride parade on her motorcycle or leading a Dykes on Bikes adventure, D has gone above and beyond to be an inclusive ambassador of the GLTBQ motorcyclist community for the last 20-plus years.

As the president of Dykes on Bikes Minneapolis, she helps make the Pride parade the best ride of the year for the group. But it’s more than just motorcycles for D; it’s about friendship and community-building. It’s not unusual for women she doesn’t know to approach her, give her a hug, and thank her for helping at a time when they needed it the most.

On top of everything else, D’s presence is open and welcoming; meet her once, and you’ll remember forever. Thanks, D, for your positive spirit, your warmth, and all of the time and energy you put into making the community better.


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