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To the Editor:

While well-intentioned and informative, albeit ambitious, I fail to see the point of your Spring 2013 Wedding Issue since Minnesota still doesn’t legally allow nor recognize same-sex marriage.  Perhaps disillusionment and disgust are coloring my thinking — after all, my partner of over 30 years and I still can’t legally wed in a state that likes to fancy itself progressive and enlightened — but I really don’t understand a special issue “celebrating gay marriage” in a state that clearly doesn’t.  Are you that hopeful and optimistic that the Supreme Court will suddenly allow same-sex marriage throughout the land or was the purpose of your wedding issue a simple matter of advertising revenue?  Please enlighten me.

Gregg Gillespie
St. Paul


Dear Gregg:

Thanks for writing. The Spring 2013 Wedding Issue was our third comprehensive wedding issue after years of covering it in smaller features. While it certainly seems to be an odd choice given that Minnesota hasn’t legalized same-sex marriage, this choice was because we wanted to show that people in the community are having weddings, anyway, and that we can be a resource for these weddings.  It’s definitely a political statement to illustrate that these relationships include people who are celebrating years of togetherness (like you) as well as people who haven’t weathered years of the closet and discrimination. Yes, we’re hopeful and optimistic that both Minnesota and the Supreme Court will make way for legalizing same-sex marriage…and these advertisers and resources will be here in the meanwhile for whenever that happens (hopefully in 2013). We’re ready.

Managing Editor
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