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Wendy Gaskill via Email:

Dear Editor,

I was extremely upset reading this opinion piece in your magazine.  This inflamatory article has no place in your magazine.  This is an excellent example of how GLB folks know so well how to alienate our allies.  Have you forgotten all the work our allies have done for us during this Fall election?

The Democrats want to take the time to build a long-term majority in our legislature and then will decide what social agenda items to put forth.  I am confident that gay marriage will be legal in our state within this decade.

Remember the Republicans put forth these two amendments in an effort to get out their base and instead it got out our Democratic base.

An opinion piece like this can really divide a community.  Very poor judgment, Lavender.

Wendy Gaskill

Minneapolis, MN


Larry Barthel via Facebook: 

Though there may be evidence of lawmaker caution in “pushing too hard” right at this moment (the amendment mostly failed through abstaining votes and the fact that many felt amending the constitution was “going a step too far” – neither which of these indicate that there is actual support *for* gay marriage to become legal), I don’t see any evidence in the article to come to the conclusion that the DFL only sided with the Vote NO campaign to keep the gay votes on the DFL side.

This is similar to the conclusion drawn in the movie “Expelled” starring Ben Stein. He leaps from his findings that Intelligent Design (i.e. biblical Creationism) is universally rejected by credible scientists, to the paranoid conclusion that there must obviously be some kind of conspiracy against Intelligent Design (rather than the fact that ID itself is a flawed, unscientific proposal based upon fantasy/supernatural influence in the biological evolution of mankind).

I think it is ok to express caution as we head into the realm of trying to get Gay Marriage approved in MN. I don’t think expressing such caution indicates that lawmakers are unwilling to go the extra step (and the conclusion that the only thing that separates gays from voting Republican is the Democratic support of Gay Marriage in Minnesota), and I don’t think expression of such caution is in any way indicative of some kind of strange, X-Files-esque conspiracy.


Jaime Stoeckel via Facebook: 

I don’t have any very profound answers to this article except to say that it comes as no surprise that politicians all have their own agenda and that in an election year that agenda is to be re-elected. In regards to proceeding with caution on legalizing gay marriage so as to not alienate people or offend anyone, I find that position offensive. The arguments for legal recognition of gay marriage are legitimate. No person with even the slightest bit of integrity can argue the financial and legal need and reasons for recognizing same sex marriage. These are elected officials that we put into office to represent us. Their sole job is to represent our position in government and if they don’t like that then they need to step down. It is flat out time for change. Revolution does not occur amongst pacifists who are more concerned about overplaying a “social issue” or offending somebody. Revolution occurs amongst people who have been oppressed and are tired of waiting for some one else to save them. It is when we who are affected stand up and do what it takes to make our own lives better. Now seems just as good a time as any to keep on going. If any of this offends you… Good… DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!!


Wendy Gaskill via Website:

I am so disapointed at Lavender’s posting of this piece. The alliances built in this recent election, the taking back of the legislature was so encouraging. Last week it was all about thanking our allies, now this week, LET’S SLAP THEM IN THE FACE.  There is more to life than gay marriage. DFL wants to build a long term majority in the legislature that will ensure Minnesota will stay the liberal state it has been and can be again. I am confident gay marriage will be in place before the end of this decade.


Brett Stevens via Website:

I’m sorry you got that from my account. I just believe the past history of DFL action and the current attitude isn’t conducive to changes in the law. I believe in accountability of our officials. Their past isn’t rosy. Thanks for your comment.



Jeff via Webiste:

A LOT has changed since the DFL of 1997 fwiw.

I don’t think it’s necessarily fair to hold their stances towards same sex marriage 15 years ago and to try and say the current DFL are exactly the same.

Also, what other major parties are even willing to be open to the dialog?

What I gathered from your piece, is you think that gays will jump the DFL ship? To where? You can’t honestly be insinuating that they will side with the GOP?

What many don’t realize, is even many Democrats are still slowly coming around on the issue of gay marriage. From friends and family I spoke to, many voted No moreso because they didn’t feel putting a ban in the MN constitution was right, not exactly that they want to pass full marriage equality laws just yet.

There’s building on momentum, and there’s rushing things… You don’t get a second shot at a first impression, so I say take the necessary time and actions needed to ensure a victory.

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