The GLBT Community Has a Strong Ally with President Obama

Last week, President Obama made history. He became the first sitting President in the history of this great nation to endorse the notion that loving and committed gay and lesbian couples deserve the right to join the institution of marriage. President Obama understands what many of us understand; marriage is about love, family, and responsibility. The GLBT community has benefited in countless ways, and it is time to continue standing up for him as he has stood up vehemently for us.

Since his inauguration in January of 2009, President Obama was able to negotiate the Congressional Repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, allowing for the first time, gays and lesbians to openly defend our freedom, customs, and values without having to jeopardize their dignity.

This president has addressed the bullying epidemic that is sweeping across this country. Even one of our own local school districts has received national attention. President Obama and his Administration have been working to prevent bullying against GLBT students, signed GLBT inclusive hate crimes legislation, and he has joined with countless others in affirming his position of equality and fairness through his contribution towards the It Gets Better Project.

The GLBT community faces disproportional challenges with HIV/AIDS, and President Obama has been developing and implementing a national HIV/AIDS strategy while expanding access to health care and addressing inequities in health care among the LBGT community.

President Obama has done more for the GLBT community than any other president in the history of this country. Although not always instantaneous, we have made great achievements towards eliminating inequities within the GLBT community.

Please join me in supporting President Barack Obama for re-election in 2012!

Gerald Strauss

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