Lavender’s Top Print-Edition Stories of 2014


1. Q & A with Jaiyah Saelua, of “Next Goal Wins”

by Nell Gelhaus
Issue 493
April 17, 2014
Nell Gelhaus’ column, “Playing for the Other Team,” premiered in January 2014. In one of her first pieces for the column, Nell interviewed Jaiyah Saelua, a member of Samoa’s recognized and accepted third gender, the fa’afafine, and player for the Samoan national soccer team.

2. Obituary: Kelly L. Phillips 1965-2014

by Ellie Krug
Issue 503
September 4, 2014
August 11 saw the arrival of devistating news for the GLBT community: the death of Kelly Phillips. In an obituary, Ellie Krug immortalized her beloved friend.

3. Ride Review: 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid

by Randy Stern
Issue 488
February 6, 2014
Readers of the magazine are no stranger to Randy Stern’s Ride Review column. But readers flocked to his review of the 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid, named one of the 10 Best Green Cars of 2014 by Kelley Blue Book.

4. Orangetheory Fitness: Maximum Workout, Maximum Results

by Kathleen Watson
Issue 488
February 6, 2014
Kathleen Watson gave new life to New Year’s resolutions with her profile of Orangetheory Fitness. Perhaps it was because the staff at Orangetheory create fitness programs unique to the individual.

5. 10 Tips for Being a “10” by Summer

by Benjamin Loehrer
Issue 492
April 3, 2014
We all have dreams of being in better shape by the time “bikini season” rolls around. Thanks to these tips by the owner of Los Campeones Gym, many people made those dreams a reality.

6. Modern Family: Chris, Anders, & Hugo

by Shane Lueck
Issue 494
May 1, 2014
Chris, Anders, and Hugo stole hearts in their profile as part of the magazine’s Our Lavender Family set of features. Their journey to become a family is unique to them, but resonated with countless readers.

7. The [Curb] Appeal of John Gidding

by Shane Lueck
Issue 489
February 20, 2014
John Gidding draws in audiences from across the nation as part of the HGTV family, but this profile chronicled his interesting path to his dream career.

8. Red Cow: Expanding the Herd to St. Paul

by Pat Evans
Issue 502
August 21, 2014
Red Cow crossed the river with a second location in St. Paul, met by the applause of the eatery’s many fans. Pat Evans brought Red Cow’s new concoctions to the forefront of everyone’s mind…and stomach!

9. 2014 Lavender Community Awards

by Shane Lueck
Issue 505
October 2, 2014
Lavender is thrilled to honor the movers and shakers of the GLBTA community every year. And, every year, the list of award winners is embraced and celebrated by the community.

10. Wedding Venues: New and Renewed

by Shane Lueck
Issue 481
October 31, 2013
This 2013 article received new life as people began planning 2014 ceremonies and were looking for what’s new (and renewed!) in the world of venues. Due to the article’s warm reception, Lavender began covering venues more intensely, with profiles and in-depth looks at what is available for GLBT weddings.

Honorable Mentions:

11. A Wedding Story: Ben Meents & Chet Ritchie

by Emma Meents
Issue 507
October 30, 2014

12. Our Lavender Family: Kaja and Betsy – Moms Know Best

by Kathleen Watson
Issue 497
June 12, 2014

13. How To Plan Your Wedding (Without Getting A Divorce)

by Nell Gelhaus
Issue 491
March 20, 2014

14. Worship: Walking the Talk: Local Churches Embrace New Ministers

by Pam Colby
Issue 484
December 12, 2013

15. Through These Eyes: Christmas For Loners

by Justin Jones
Issue 483
November 27, 2013

16. Lavender Class of 2014

by Shane Lueck
Issue 494
May 1, 2014

17. In Style: Meet Mayda

by Shane Lueck
Issue 492
April 3, 2014

18. Skating The Way To Happiness

by Justin Reis
Issue 486
January 9, 2014

19. Push Your Limits With AX Fitness

by Kathleen Watson
Issue 492
April 3, 2014

20. Lav.fash™ | What Should Be: From the Lips of Grant Whittaker

by Justin Jones & Brandon McCray
Issue 504
September 18, 2014

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