Lavender’s New Website: Our Community – Online, Part 2


In the last issue, the website tour included the upper navigation to find the Online Magazine and the Calendar for submitting events.  This time, let’s talk about articles and submission guidelines.

If there is a boom  and a bust to expanding from a print-dominant media platform to a online-plus-print platform it’s that there is an overwhelming excitement that is tempered by a, “Okay, but what does it mean?” Basically, we’ve heard a resounding “YES!” and a quiet “…what?”

You’ve read about it in other publications–the death of print, the predominance of all-things-online.  It’s partially hype, it’s somewhat true.  Our publication will still be printed with photos and articles and ads…and our online presence will also have photos and articles and ads.  So, what’s the difference?

More.  There’ll be more.  Online.  For you.  Any time of day or night.

We have already been publishing material on our website that is not in the magazine. Reviews? Restaurant blips. Theatre blurbs. Music blats. We want you to revisit the site often to see if there’s more content.  We’re making feeds available for each of the content areas for the savvier readers who know what that means.  We can have video and music and all sorts of things that just don’t quite fit the print magazine.  And, together, it will be an impressive collection.

Discreet, if need be.  Open, to an extent.  But not a Pandora’s Box.

You can access it anywhere, publicly or privately.  This community requires discretion and is vulnerable.  We’ve buttoned up our whole website so that nothing can be nabbed and used by ne’er-do-wells…or do-gooders.  In terms of photos, do us and yourself a favor and leave them there.  They’re copyrighted for everyone’s protection.  We don’t make it easy to take stuff from our site to use for vindictive or political purposes.  If you trust us with you, we will safeguard you.  And, we will go after those who might abuse our media platform.  We’ve got your back.  We’d appreciate your support.

Your stuff.  Written by you.  Performed by you.  Reviewed by you.

We will be posting submission guidelines on the website regarding how to reach this community.  You have much to say, we have the platform on which you could say it.  If the two elements collide to make mad, passionate media brilliance, we will all only be the better for it.  Look for the guidelines, sharpen your proofing skills (I know, I know…people in glass houses…), and send us some stuff to consider. 

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