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Automic Gold
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The New York-based jewelry company, Automic Gold, was founded on inclusiveness and always standing up for what it believes in.

“Our mission is to make fine jewelry that is inclusive and accessible to everyone, no matter what size or gender.”

Al Sandimirova started making jewelry for themself because, as a non-binary person, they couldn’t find any fine jewelry that they liked. “Everything was too feminine or to masculine, and I was looking to something in between, but elegant and fine,” they say.

What began as a small project just for Sandimirova quickly became something more… much more. Today, Sandimirova’s company is known as Automic Gold, a queer, sustainable, inclusive, and body positive fine jewelry store.

“We used to have a store in SoHo. At the beginning, it was tough because everything was up in the air and buying gold during a pandemic isn’t anyone’s first go-to,” Sandimirova says. “But, with the huge support that we have from our followers and everyone who has a big love for the brand, we have been doing very well, considering.”

Not only are all genders represented and welcome at Automic Gold, but the company is also inclusive in the sizes it offers and its representation of different bodies.

“We are inclusive. We offer sizes beyond the standard sizing. Our rings are from 2-16, and our necklaces, bracelets, and anklets are extended to larger sizes,” Sandimirova says. “We are still the only fine jewelry brand to offer such an array of sizes. We never retouch or photo-shop our models—body positivity! We use reclaimed gold and natural diamonds and gemstones. Also, we don’t take shit from anyone and we speak out against and for topics we believe in.”

One cause that Automic Gold believes in is the Black Lives Matter movement, which it has stood by both verbally and financially.

“We have donated large sums of money to various organizations and even held a giveaway where the entry required was to donate,” they say. “We also continue posting to our Instagram to keep fighting for Black lives and encourage our followers to sign petitions.”

Sandimirova says they love giving back to the community. “Whether that’s donating to organizations, taking part of LGBTQ+ auctions, speaking out on our Instagram about certain issues at hand, or hiring queer models all year around and not only during Pride month,” they say.

With the holidays coming up, Sandimirova recommends checking out Automic Gold’s birthstones collection.

“It’s the perfect gift for yourself or for someone special. Wear your birthday month or wear someone else’s,” they say (

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