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College of Visual Arts Leaders of Design Series Presents: WOMN: Women in Minnesota Design

The College of Visual Arts (CVA) has announced is Fall 2011 Leaders of Design Series, celebrating women who have helped put Minnesota on the map with graphic design that is conceptual, meaningful, inspiring, hard working, and powerful. The series includes a moderated panel discussion and exhibition. Twenty-three industry-leading women were selected to exhibit their design work at the CVA Gallery from October 27 through November 13. Criteria for selection included leadership, innovation, influence, accolades for design excellence, and longevity in Minnesota. Featured Designers are: Leslee Carsewell, Sue Crolick, Jo Davison, Laurie DeMartino, Nancy Gardner, Minda Gralnek, Linda Henneman, Susan Hopp, Laurie Jacobi, Haley Johnson, Katie Kirk, Cynthia Knox, Monica Little. Deb Miner, Miranda Moss, Kelly Munson, Sarah Nelson Forss, Kolean Pitner, Nancy Rice, Connie Soteropulos, Jane Tilka, Cheryl Watson, Sharon Werner. The College of Visual Arts is located at 344 Summit Avenue, St. Paul.  Visit,,


Powderhorn Empty Bowls Helps Feed Neighborhood Hungry

November 4 will mark the 5th Powderhorn Empty Bowls (PEB), held annually on the first Friday in November at the Park. Local potters–professionals, kids’ programs, and college departments–donate hand-made bowls, local volunteers cook soup, and bake fresh bread. Neighbors come together, select a bowl, have a meal of soup and bread, and make a donation. The net income from the event is donated to help feed the hungry in the Powderhorn neighborhood. Last year even proceeds supported the food shelf at the Division of Indian Work, Sisters Camelot, and Youth Farm and Market. Originally started by Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association as a fundraiser to end hunger, it is now also an important community-building event. Last year 1,455 people attended; there were over 1,325 bowls; PEB grossed around $22,000. For more information call (612) 722-4817 or visit


Awen Briem ran her first Marathon recently to support DaFeet Bullying Campaign

She was cheered by 130 supporters who lined the route markers at 8, 15, and 21 miles, sporting T-shirts with the legend, “We support Safe Schools for ALL Youth,” and “We’ve got Your Back.”

DaFeet Bullying Campaign began in the hours of solitude that Briem’s running provided. Briem is a survivor of school bullying, and she and her partner are the parents of a school-aged son. She became active when she simultaneously learned of the youth suicides in the Anoka-Hennepin school district and that every one of her LGBTQ friends from high school, who were also bullied, was no longer alive. “We lost them to suicide, hate crimes resulting in homicide, and complications of AIDS,” she shared. A video crew filmed Briem’s run as part of an upcoming video campaign targeting youth, adults and state legislators.


Local Catholics Video Series Supports Marriage Equality

Catholics for Marriage Equality, a five-video series featuring local lesbian and gay Catholics sharing stories of faith, family and marriage, premiered recently in Minneapolis, offering a response to efforts to amend the Minnesota State Constitution to ban civil marriage for same-sex couples and to Archbishop John Nienstedt of the Archdiocese of St.Paul-Minneapolis, who last fall distributed the DVD Preserving Marriage in Minnesota to more than 400,000 Catholic households. Nienstedt asserts, “At best, so-called same-sex marriage is an untested social experiment, and at worst, it poses a dangerous risk with potentially far-reaching consequences.” Director Mary Kay Orman stated, “Our hope is that those who view our video series will prayerfully reflect upon the negative impact of the proposed “marriage amendment” and commit to voting against it in November 2012.”

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