From the Editor: Rewriting History


This is the third comprehensive Wedding Issue that Lavender has published for the GLBT community; the theme is “Rewriting History.” History can be written, revised, and rewritten as it is reimagined or reconsidered. Or, history can be rewritten as it is revealed. As we continue this campaign toward equality in this community, new relationships between loving people of the same sex emerge as frequently as any other type of relationship. What is as important at this moment is that established same-sex relationships are emerging. Coming out. These relationships have existed for years, decades, scores of years–and, as the state and nation move toward legally recognizing same-sex marriage, history is being rewritten with inclusion at its core.

We’ve taken this theme of examining weddings and marriage throughout history and applied it to the contents of this issue. In his cheeky way, E.B. Boatner looks at nomenclature and the difference between “marriage” and “civil unions,” particularly as the Associated Press (AP) is rewriting its stylebook to include “husband” and “wife” as acceptable when speaking of married same-sex couples. Pam Colby experiences a wedding through her sons’ eyes and reconsiders her own historical aversion to weddings, both queer and straight. John Townsend examines the ever-changing institution of marriage as written by Shakespeare and performed by Propeller in the current stage production of The Taming of the Shrew and Twelfth Night at the Guthrie Theater. Not only do we see an archaic view of dowries and arranged marriage, but we also see how Shakespeare’s plays were performed originally (by all-male casts), further throwing “traditional” marriage on its ear.  Wedding planners at Style-Architects and Fabulous Functions give tips and advice as to how to make your event be perfect for you–making your own history.

Not just our articles are rewriting history, but who you see in these pages of this issue represent significant changes in this community. We’ve partnered with more wedding industry professionals than ever who are standing up for same-sex marriage by appearing in these pages and presenting this community in their work. Union Depot and The Bachelor Farmer are old spaces made new–and they welcome the community for same-sex weddings. You’ll see in our pages a very significant and history-making set of ads with a red bullseye on them, indicating that Lavender, this community, same-sex marriage, and the wedding industry are clearly going in the same direction, as business is indicating.

Look to our pages as a shopper of sorts–I’ll claim that label and run with it. We cover a number of topics in our Editorial Calendar and feature many businesses and professions new to Lavender, as well as some of our own advertisers. This publication–most apropos of any publications–showcases advertisers who believe in us enough to step up and put forth their dollars to reach you as a valid demographic group that is worthy of money and attention. When Nick and James (“Showmance Turned Romance” on pg. 68) came in for their photo session, I got a great reminder of how Lavender plays the role of a shopping guide. They’d just picked up their wedding rings from one of our advertisers, T Lee, and were very excited. Nick and James were quick to tell me that they chose T Lee to custom design their rings  because she advertises in Lavender. That was a big bright spot in the week…and the rings are stunning, especially on the hands of two handsome men in love.

History is not just being rewritten in our pages, but also on our Facebook page and Twitter feed through the links and information that we post and repost from others.  We follow the movers and shakers in politics who are at the center of the action and act as a megaphone when their news hits the social networking wires.

Our website now includes articles from more than three magazines full of the topic of same-sex weddings and marriage. is a resource library that is rewriting the history of this community and building upon years of knowledge from the viewpoint of being a marginalized group that is now moving toward the center.  Topics we’ve already covered in previous wedding issues are numerous, you can click on the category “2012 Wedding Issue” and get a long list of articles to help you navigate your way: Changing your name; different versions of make-up (camera-ready, beauty, and transformative); recipes and tips for throwing your own wedding; the legality of marriage; wedding etiquette; wedding fashion; great GLBT bars for bachelor/bachelorette parties; kids and same-sex weddings; how to make a more perfect union; various venues and caterers; budgeting tips; love stories; and many beautiful real weddings…all for the GLBT community. All for you.

2013 is a year that will hopefully rewrite history for same-sex marriage on both the state and national levels. Hold this magazine in your hand proudly as you look toward your own future and plan it. Plan your future. Same-Sex Marriage will be a part of it.

With hope and gratitude,


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