Another election cycle is in the process of winding down.  It is amazing how the DFL has come to hate the new process of Ranked Voting, which was the darling only a few years ago. It has, someone finally figured out, weakened the DFL party hold on the city of Minneapolis.  The endorsement process has become less important.  Now with this new system there are more options for voters.  Accidents happen, too.  In a truly one-party system with Ranked Voting, the people now have a chance to change the city.  Oh, oh, the machinery is losing control!!!

This process allows for the crazies to come out of the woodwork, too.  Making their claim to fame are a whole bunch of people who are communists, socialists, anarchists, and a whole host of do-gooders whose sole qualifications for office seem to be that they are breathing.  This is America and you do not have to have brains to run, let alone sit in office; sometimes for years at a time.  Let us hope that the voters have enough brains to sort out and rid ourselves of people who are either seeking employment because they are out of a job, or clinging to a position because, well, frankly, they couldn’t hold down a job in the private sector.

The following are the endorsements of Lavender Magazine, in the hope that this city will improve and not continue to edge toward the cliff and think, like a lemming, that we can swim out of sight of land and not drown:

Mayor of Minneapolis:  Mark Andrew. He is the only real candidate with government and private sector experience who has common sense. (Betsy Hodges was one of the major pushers of taking over Excel Energy and have the city be responsible for your energy, a totally ludicrous $5 billion dollar debt position for the city).

Minneapolis City Council Ward 3:  Jacob Frey.  Without a doubt there is great NEED for change in this ward. Jacob Frey’s experience as an attorney will only help his ward and this city.

Minneapolis City Council Ward 5:  Ian Alexander. Ian Alexander is the one person who can help this ward the most and bring new, thoughtful leadership that is very much needed.

Minneapolis City Council Ward 6:  Robert Lilligren. Robert’s twelve-year experience in the city council shows great growth and wisdom in his deliberations.  It is appalling that at the DFL ward convention in April Robert was harassed by Muslim delegates calling him “faggot” openly and loudly.  The Republican Party is not the only party with a religious problem.

Minneapolis City Council Ward 9:  Charles Curtis. Charles Curtis should be the voice to replace that of retiring Gary Schiff.  As an attorney he has the breadth of mind, education, and foresight to think of the future and plan accordingly.

Minneapolis City Council Ward 10:  Meg Tuthill. Meg Tuthill has worked hard for the 10th Ward.  She is the most practical candidate in her ward and she deserves reelection. Her previous 30 years of small business experience is badly needed on the city council.

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