Donna Lindsay-Goodwin: Who’s That Lady?

MGIII, Still Coda Photography
MGIII, Still Coda Photography

MGIII, Still Coda Photography

As an Ordained Minister at Healing Hands-Healing Hearts and the President of DLG Creative Management-Wedding and Event Planning, Donna Lindsay-Goodwin is a familiar face around the Twin Cities.  Many people would recognize Lindsay-Goodwin as one of the officiants at the PRIDE commitment ceremonies in previous years, but her support of marriage equality doesn’t end at PRIDE.  Lindsay-Goodwin believes that “love only sees love,” and she continues to assist people in their journeys toward committed life together.

Lindsay-Goodwin enjoyed officiating the PRIDE commitment ceremonies because “the focus remained very much on the couple. No, there wasn’t all the glitz and glitter of a ‘months in the planning’ ceremony, yet I felt that in the simplicity of the ceremonies was the beauty.” She emphasizes the importance of the connection between two people, saying “when two people come to me who are truly walking in a committed relatedness, and wish to acknowledge, honor,
celebrate, and formalize that commitment, I feel it is the right action and appropriate to do so.”

She has some advice for couples who are planning their ceremonies: when looking for an officiant, start by doing basic research through friends and the Internet, but make sure to interview the officiants to find the perfect fit for you and your partner. Whether you’re looking for an extravagant celebration or a simple ceremony with a couple of witnesses, Lindsay-Goodwin believes that “it should all be about reflecting the spirit that is within the two of you.”

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