Campaign Scrapbook


When we look back at this year of VOTE NO, what are we going to remember?

So many stories, so many sayings, and more fundraisers than have ever filled our calendars before.  Here’s a handful of symbols that will stick in our minds and hearts as well.

Mr. & Mr./Mrs. & Mrs. Cake Pops

Raspberry Bird Cake Pops provided sweet provisions for the PUT A ROCK ON IT concert for marriage equality at The Ritz Theater—chocolate grooms and red velvet brides. Delicious and delightful.  $33/dozen at Photo by Andy Lien


Conversation Cookies from Birchwood Cafe

This campaign relies on conversations.  Birchwood Cafe figured out a great way to start them. $3/cookie, $2 of each cookie sold will go to Minnesotans United for All Families.  Special orders in advance (1 dozen minimum) with 48 hours notice to [email protected]. Photo courtesy of Birchwood-Cafe

Vote No Car Decals

Richard Herod III was told to take down his Vote No lawn sign by his townhome association. So, he put a bigger sign up in his driveway—his Mitsubishi Evolution, covered in (removable) Vote No decals.  Contact Richard at [email protected] if you’re interested in creating your own mobile Vote No sign for $50/set + tax, $25/set will be donated to Minnesotans United for All Families. Photo by Richard Herod III

Vote No Pride Cake

Asked to do a Vote No cake for a One Day United fundraiser to benefit Minnesotans United for All Families, Bad Girl Confections came up with a lawn sign Pride cake of epic proportions.  By special order, see more at Photo by Alfonso Wenker



Conspicuously different from the usual rubber message bracelets, these orange rings that have the equal sign and FOR ALL  on them are little beacons for your hands. Conversation starters and solidarity signifiers from Zeus Jones are available in Uptown or online at Photo by Andy Lien

Buttons, Buttons, Who’s Got the Buttons?

This campaign will be remembered as the time when religious denominations really came out of the closet in support of GLBT rights in unprecedented numbers. Large Vote No banners on churches, small buttons on clothes all signified acceptance and assertion. The NOvember buttons are available through St. John’s Lutheran Church in Minnetonka ( and  Buttons and signs with ANOTHER CATHOLIC VOTING NO are available via Catholics for Marriage Equality Minnesota at Top photo courtesy of, bottom photo by Kris Jacobson

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