Lavender’s Crowdfund Roundup, Vol. 12

Love WIns
Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.  In return for their contributions, donors will receive various incentives based on the amount given. Most crowdfunding websites, such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo, give projects a month to raise the necessary funds. If the project does not receive the necessary funds, it will not be made and the donors will never be charged for their contributions.Therefore, if you see a project you’d like to back, don’t wait as time is limited!


Love WInsLove Wins
A Powerful Book of LGBTQ Love Stories
Deadline: April 18
A book of portraits and histories making LGBT loving relationships visible, normal, and accepted. The creatives behind the project said, “By making our relationships visible and documenting couples all over the country, it’s possible to change people, and their prejudice. By really seeing who these couples are, people can change, learning to accept and love them. We can change cultural attitudes by being seen over and over again in a positive light, helping others to understand that we’re not some strange ‘other,’ that we’re their brothers, sisters, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, teachers, and neighbors- and we’re awesome!

And more importantly, think about the impact we can have on LGBTQ youth. Think about the transformative power of showing them over and over that they’re ok; never learning to hate themselves for who they are and who they love.” The finished piece will be a beautiful 8×10 softcover book with gorgeous portraits and stories.

The Gay Agenda
Weekly Planner
Deadline: May 1
A witty, beautifully illustrated, totally serious, and just as ridiculous, weekly planner full of LGBTQ history, people, & ideas. An elegant, thoughtful, and practical personal planner spanning a full calendar year; 52 weeks minimum, maybe more. In addition to standard features, the distinguishing aspect with this annual agenda is a beautiful presentation of people, events, and ideas for the first-ever, official Gay Agenda.

The vast majority of the fundraising goal is dedicated to the production, printing, binding, and distribution of The Gay Agenda. The final product will include: 26 original ink drawings of LGBTQ figures and allies from present and past, each accompanied with a biographical narrative; and 26 original entries formatted from A to Z, highlighting events, vocabulary, ideas, and concepts related to GLBT history and culture.

GLBT Senior/Intergeneration Center
Deadline: May 31
The Minneapolis resident who is the thought leader behind Boomer Town, a special area of the Pride festival dedicated to seniors who are LGBTQ, Rev. Harry Hartigan is working to create a GLBT Center in Minneapolis/St. Paul. Many senior centers are not openly welcoming to those who are gay and transgender. One way he has increased visibility of this issue is by partnering with PFund, Little Brothers-Friends of the Elderly and Prime Timers Minneapolis/St. Paul, hosting a monthly GLBT senior luncheon.

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