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Rattlesnake Vote

Rattlesnake Vote

Rattlesnake Vote
Christina Glendenning
God’s Mop

Glendenning’s first novel is disturbingly enjoyable, a real thriller. Starting with the inexplicable and brutal murder of an elderly, beloved woman, homophobic Minneapolis homicide detective S(amuel) d’Aries Reese and his partner begin to pick up the pieces. Nothing seems to have been stolen, but her Bible contains homoerotic photos. The plot revolves around the issues of gay rights, blackmail of politicians by male prostitutes to garner votes–not money. D’Aries is a conflicted man, stirred by his racial and cultural background, his love for his little daughter, and a yearning for beauty–his avocation is rosemaling. How will he handle a young–and lovely–transgender youth, a conniving politician’s wife, and his struggles with the bottle? Glendenning deftly handles plot, dialogue and the complicated stew that constitutes human relationships.

Papal Bull

Papal Bull: An Ex-Catholic Calls Out the Catholic Church 
Dr. Joe Wenke

If you enjoyed Wenke’s take on the Bible, You Got to Be Kidding! (Books 471), read his exegesis of the Catholic Church’s past two thousand years. Born eldest of eleven siblings to strict Catholic parents in South Philadelphia, the young Wenke endured the tender ministrations of the nuns in grade and high school, and then went on to college at Notre Dame. Mordantly funny, scrupulously researched (bibliography and list of websites appended), Wenke lets history and the clergy themselves prove his points. Although praising many good works, Wenke scours territory between Original Sin and Hell asking questions. For example: Why was Sister Margaret McBride excommunicated for advising abortion for a pregnant woman whose life was endangered, while known predator priests remain Catholics in good standing?

Cave and Cosmos

Cave and Cosmos: Shamanic Encounters with Another Reality 
Michael Harner
North Atlantic Books

The long-awaited sequel to Harner’s 1980 The Way of the Shaman, Cave and Cosmos addresses an audience more aware of and experienced in shamanic techniques. A trained anthropologist, Harner lived among indigenous shamans in numerous cultures, distilling central practices into what he termed Core Shamanism. Basic and Advanced courses are taught in the Foundation for Shamanic Studies in Mill Valley, California, and through trained instructors in workshops throughout the United States and abroad. Harner believes that shamanic healing techniques are accessible to everyone, and both books describe the methods by which one can journey to what he calls non-ordinary reality to bring back healing to our ordinary world. For those who want to know more about shamanism–or just what shamanic practice is and entails.

Star Trek Cross Stitch

Star Trek Cross Stitch
John Lohnan
Gallery Books

Star Trek Craft Book

Star Trek Craft Book
Angie Pedersen
Gallery Books

A Trek-a-palooza that will keep you busy throughout the long winter months. Pedersen covers a wide range of projects from a Mr. Spock Sock Monkey, a Klingon Serving Tray, a Vulcan Hat, Comic Book Low-Top Sneakers, and a Khan Finger Puppet. There’s a glossary of terms and techniques. Lohnan also offers a wealth of Trek lore throughout his “Strange new worlds of crafting.” Along with the familiar “Beam Me Up, Scotty!” motif, he offers patterns for creating a Federation Seal, a Captains of Star trek hand towel and a “He’s Dead, Jim…” motif, highly suitable for framing and presentation. (Lohnan reminds us that Dr. McCoy uttered this memorable line some twenty times in the original Star Trek.) Buy them, use them and “Make it so!”

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