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Dead Ahead: A Jo Spence Mystery
Jen Wright
Clover Valley Press

The third in Wright’s Jo Spence series finds Jo jolted awake. She’d been flying, without a helmet, along Lake Superior and onto the lift bridge, on her Honda Silverwing GL 500, when suddenly, there was no more bridge and she was literally flying… This premonitory atmosphere pervades the rest of the book. The survivalist father of one of her young probationary clients becomes threatening and is implicated in the fire bombing of a judge’s home; a woman in a black Camry begins stalking Jo and her lover Zoey. The theme of salvation and renewal is also present in Jo’s efforts to help her client, Brian, create a life different from his father’s drugs and paranoiac rants. Wright builds the tension deftly to a surprising and deadly finale.

Buyer’s Remorse: Book I in The Public Eye Mystery Series
Lori L. Lake
Quest Books

Fans of Lake’s previous books will delight in the debut of her new series featuring Sergeant Leona (Leo) Reese, 33, a police patrol sergeant with more than 10 years in law enforcement. Out of the blue, the usually expert marksman Leo fails her bi-annual qualification, and to her chagrin is assigned a desk job with the (highly inefficient) Department of Human Services. Leo’s first case is the murder of an elderly woman in an independent living facility. Her personal attention to detail and insistence on following all leads reveals the case is of greater magnitude and wider and more ominous than had appeared. Even more ominous is the diagnosis returned by the ophthalmologist she visits at the insistence of her partner Daria. Await volume two…

For the Ferryman: A Personal History
Charles Silverstein
Chelsea Station Editions

Silverstein’s, 1973 presentation before the American Psychiatric Association led to the removal of homosexuality as a mental illness in the organization’s diagnostic manual. He is also author of the 1977 The Joy of Gay Sex, with Edmund White, and The New Joy of Gay Sex with Felice Picano. While this memoir recounts these and other aspects of Silverstein’s protean life, at the heart is his 20-year relationship with William Bory, 23 to Silverstein’s 38 when they met. Notes close friend White, Silverstein presents William, “with all his charm and sexual allure and intellectual brilliance and all his maddening faults.” If you have ever, looking at another’s relationship, been tempted to scream, “Why don’t you leave him?” Silverstein’s honest, painful, and loving memoir may provide understanding.

Fit to Serve: Reflections of a Secret Life, Private Struggle, and Public Battle to Become the First Openly Gay U.S. Senator
Ambassador James C. Hormel and Erin Martin
Skyhorse Publishing

James C. Hormel’s early life could be seen as a template for the lives of many gay or lesbian kids. A nice home, loving parents and siblings, and yet; something about them is different. Hormel, born in Austin, Minnesota, in 1933, had those things in superabundance (His father owned the company that invented SPAM.) He married, as he was expected to, and fathered four children–and yet…Life didn’t change until he came out, to others as well as himself. He recounts his activist work in New York City in the 1960s and San Francisco in the 1970s, and political work culminating in his breaking, with the assistance of then President Clinton, the “Pink Ceiling” to become the first openly gay ambassador (to Luxembourg) in 1999.
(See Interview with Hormel in this issue.)

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