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Double Play: The Hidden Passions Behind the Double Assassination of George Moscone and Harvey Milk
Mike Weiss

Originally published in 1984, this updated edition of Weiss’s meticulously researched account of Dan White’s killing of San Francisco Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk has been expanded. It now includes a DVD that offers interviews with Moscone, White, and future Mayor Dianne Feinstein, plus White giving his confession. It’s written as a true-crime book, with conversations among the principals. Weiss, who covered the original trial for Time, Rolling Stone, and the Los Angeles Times, weaves his narrative from literally hundreds of interviews, along with the perusal of thousands of pages of court records and depositions. White emerges as a severely damaged individual who had indeed premeditated the killings, and intended to take out two more victims.

Vince Emery Productions

The Hare with Amber Eyes: A Family’s Century of Art and Loss
Edmund De Waal

Charles Ephrussi, member of a prestigious Jewish banking family of Paris and Vienna, collected netsuke during the 19th-Century Parisian mania for things Japanese. Ephrussi, a cousin of author De Waal’s great-grandfather, Viktor, supported the Impressionists, and knew the Parisian art and literary world—Marcel Proust used him as a model for Charles Swann. Charles gave the netsuke to Victor, in Vienna, as a wedding gift. After the Anschluss, the Nazis stole or destroyed the family’s world and possessions. The netsuke survived through Anna, the family maid, who later restored them to the author’s Granduncle Charles in Japan. He bequeathed them to De Waal, and they now reside in London. It’s a family memoir as exquisitely wrought as the 264 netsuke treasures.

Farrar, Straus and Giroux

Remembrance of Things I Forgot
Bob Smith

Smith poses questions like: “Would I find me hot?”; and “Why is Dick Cheney pursuing me in 1986?” Protagonist John Sherkston laments, “It’s safe to say your relationship is finished if the only way you can imagine solving your problems is by borrowing a time machine” (invented by the boyfriend you’re planning to shed). It’s 2006, but when John exits the time machine, he finds himself in the past, face-to-face with himself—“Junior”—and armed with the knowledge that their sister will kill herself with a gun and their father with alcohol. John, Junior, and preboyfriend Taylor set out to change those facts, and to keep George W. Bush from becoming President. Should appeal to all readers—save Cheney and Bush.

Terrace Books

Wedding Season: A Beach Reading Mystery
Mark Abramson

Summertime—and the reading is easy, especially with Abramson’s fifth Beach Reading novel, featuring old friends Tim Snow; his hunky boyfriend, Nick; Tim’s Aunt Ruth; and Tim’s Mom. Wait! Tim’s Mom isn’t a friend—she appears in an opening nightmare bedeviling our hero, and, like an avenging Norn, permeates Tim’s waking and sleeping thoughts throughout the novel. Reality TV harpy Rosa Rivera is keen to sponsor a gay wedding contest in Arturo and Artie’s restaurant. Nick and Ruth’s boyfriend, Sam, are talking marriage, and indeed, the whole world (the Castro) is rife with wedding bells, warm hearts, and cold feet. But keep an eye on the homeless lady wobbling through this idyllic tale: Why is Aunt Ruth so suspiciously solicitous?

Lethe Press

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