A Word In Edgewise: What’s Your Strong Suit?

Photo by elizaveta66/Bigstock.com
Photo by elizaveta66/Bigstock.com

Photo by elizaveta66/Bigstock.com

Without going into tedious facts and verifications, it is my observation, my devoutly held belief, that I and many others are suffering from stress, confusion, and angst.

My own response to any of these emotions is to retreat to my La-Z-Boy and sleep til it passes. But the current miasma is more intense and bodes a longer duration than my usual concerns (beer, books, and spondulix).

I’m not an active person, nor have I the capital to donate to every pressing cause flooding my inbox 24/7. A recent epiphany offered me the revelation that one thing I can do is to dig inward and work to develop those gifts I do have; to be in some small way, in the largest way possible, an identifiable presence in a world becoming more chaotic daily.

One thing you can hold on to is whatever concrete things you do. For example: One friend of long standing is a yarn-bomber. Local street statuary of metal ducks and a seated iron gentleman are graced when cold weather comes with little wool hats for the paddlers and a scarf for the iron elder.

Others, some my age, take themselves by bicycle, supported by a cane, or toting an O2 cylinder in a backpack, out to exercise, attend book clubs, or just motivate about. Lately, I’ve been getting out (in the winter!) to photograph and have items showing now in a shop and soon to be on display in a local brewery.

My point, and I do have one, is that while entropy ever pulls, and art and playfulness will not solve the ills of the world, activity of any sort is an antidote to lethargy, despair, and submission. An engaged individual is his own person, resistant to being herded, muzzled, and molded. If knitting hats for iron ducks is your passion, then you are apt to fight to keep your needles clicking.

If your passion is to be even more active, if your deep pocketbook can fund, go for it. But we all have something we cherish, something we want enough to keep it free. Find it, exercise it, hold it dear.

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