2015 Holiday Gift Guide: Shane Lueck


This year, my wish list is throwing caution to the wind. My theme for this year: Embrace Your Camp. Are you a secret Dr. Who fan? Are you ashamed to admit that you actually kind of like that favorite of white college girls everywhere, Taylor Swift? It’s time to come out of the closet and ask for what it is you really want to find under the tree. I’m embracing the fact that I probably fit almost every stereotype for my demographic imaginable, and my letter to Santa shows it. Dear Santa, I’m a young, gay male and this year for Christmas, I want…

Shane LV BooksLouis-05 Volume Set
E. Lawrence, Ltd. is an Atlanta-based purveyor of leather-bound books and handmade parchment-bound books. These books (which are actual books, just look inside to discover what you’d be reading) are available with countless designs across their spines. Whether you gravitate to Chanel or Dior, to shoes or handbags, E. Lawrence has you covered. As a self-confessed Vuitton handbag fanatic, I have to have these tomes sitting on my shelf.
Habitation Furnishing + Design

Shane_BeyonceBecoming Beyoncé: The Untold Story by J. Randy Taraborrelli
In the unauthorized biography, author J. Randy Taraborrelli interviews numerous people within the international superstar’s inner circle. Now, really? An unauthorized biography? There’s nothing exciting about that. Except this is the first comprehensive biography ever published about America’s favorite living pop icon, Beyoncé, and it’s written by New York Times best-selling biographer J. Randy Taraborrelli, who has written critically acclaimed biographies for everyone from Cher to Diana Ross, and Marilyn Monroe to Elizabeth Taylor. When I first heard this biography was being released, I may have squealed a little. And now it’s finally in stores.
Available at all major retailers

Shane OM4 ScreenshotOrganic Male Skincare
Keep all the right spots looking good with this line of skincare products from Organic Male OM4. All skincare collections — the Dry/Mature Collection, Normal/Combination Collection, Sensitive Collection, and Oily Collection — contain a face wash, mineral splash, repair serum, and calming moisturizer.

Shane_Xmas QueensChristmas Queens, Various Artists
I’m that freak who has enough holiday spirit to make up for any Scrooges in the room. At the time of writing, my Spotify playlist for the season boasts 904 songs (a whopping 53 hours of Christmas cheer), and is likely to grow. I can’t get enough. Along with the classics (Bing Crosby, Barbra Streisand) and current chart toppers (Destiny’s Child, Mariah Carey), I love to throw in some campy tunes just to mix it up. And who is more perfect to up the camp factor than a group of drag queens? To kick off the holiday season, numerous contestants of RuPaul’s Drag Race partnered for a new compilation album, Christmas Queens. This collection of holiday classics and destined-to-be classics such as “Slay Bells” and “A Very Cozby Christmas” would make the perfect gift for any Drag Race fan, like me.
Available on Amazon and iTunes

Shane Candle ScreenshotVenetian Chic Aftershave Candle in Black and Gold Chevron
“Aftershave” is a scent that doesn’t sound that appealing, but trust me. If you love when a man walks by and you think dang, he smelled amazing, then you’re going to want this candle. Light the wick, curl up with a nice throw, turn on Netflix, and allow the citrusy scent to lull you into a false sense of having a boyfriend curled up next to you. #ChronicallySingle
Ardan Living

Shane Don't Panic Throw ScreenshotDon’t Panic Throw
Behind every gay man is a diva he adores. Who doesn’t love the indomitable Eartha Kitt? But there’s a side to Kitt only her daughter, Kitt Shapiro, knew, and she’s launched a lifestyle brand called Simply Eartha to share it. Cuddle up and relax with this comfy cozy throw made from recycled t-shirts. Eartha Kitt’s handwritten words and the calming silver gray color will help set the mood, indoors or out. Bonus: A portion of all proceeds goes to fight colon cancer, to which Eartha succumbed in 2008.
Simply Eartha

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