2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Shane Lueck


I’m part of a generation that has everything and still wants more. It’s a classic case of “What do you get the person who has everything?” At this point, it’s about the thought or personal touch behind the gift. As the years go by it becomes more and more important to me to give gifts that reflect a personal touch or are cause for self-reflection. The following five items do just that; they’re all items that I wouldn’t mind receiving and you can bet I’m giving them as gifts this year.

Shane Gift Guide What I Know For Sure ScreenshotWhat I Know For Sure by Oprah Winfrey
Let’s face it, we would all give anything to have bit of Oprah bestowed on us. This collection of bits of wisdom begins with Oprah recalling a 1998 interview during which the late, great film critic Gene Siskel asked her, “[W]hat do you know for sure?” This compilation of one- to three-page essays (collected and updated from the column of the same name she’s been writing for her magazine since 2000) is packed with very personal answers compiled in this ribbon-markered, clothbound bible of a book.  If you’ve read, heard, watched, prayed to, or memorialized the gospel according to Oprah, there will be much to delight you here, and few surprises.
Barnes & Noble

Shane Gift Guide Astrological Necklace ScreenshotAstrological Star Map Necklace
These 22 kt gold-plated necklaces, featuring zodiac constellations punctuated with sparkly crystals, make a great, glittery gift even when Mercury is in retrograde. As a proud Virgo, I’m always looking for classy ways to incorporate zodiac imagery into my wardrobe and these 16-inch necklaces with a 3-inch extender do the trick. For those looking to support American-made products, look no further. Sequin’s pieces are handcrafted in the USA with components from around the world.

Shane Gift Guide Pens ScreenshotBallpoint Pens
Handwritten notes may be going the way of the dodo bird, but everyone still treasures receiving them. Rage against the email (or at least rebel a little) with these refillable black ink ballpoint pens, sheathed in sophisticated color-block enamel. You’ll be finding excuses to handwrite cards (and to-do lists and love notes) with these pens. Each one comes in a gift box inscribed with one of Kate Spade’s signature “she statements,” adding personality to the pencil cup. My favorite? The turquoise-green combo with a box that reads “She uses a nom de plume for reservations.”
Kate Spade
$36 each

Shane Gift Guide The Gayme ScreenshotThe Gayme
There’s nothing better than a game night with friends. Funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign, The Gayme is an innovative party game that consolidates gay culture and coming-of-age experience into hundreds of stimulating cards. The best part is anyone can play! GLBT or ally, it doesn’t matter. There are 500 unique cards, each crafted to promote bonding, story-telling, and maybe a bit of intoxication. Because the experience of The Gayme comes from the players, each time you play it will be different. You can play with three players or 20, it’s very versatile. You can play in your kitchen, in your bed, at your mom’s house, in a bar: all you need is a surface, drinks, and people!
The Gayme

Shane Gift Guide Queen Tea Towel ScreenshotGood To Be Queen Tea Towel
Confession: I’m obsessed with Naked Decor’s entire London Calling collection. From princess pillows to queen clocks, the collection is fit for someone who is under the false impression that they’re a royal (like me). Again, it’s all about those personal touches this year and anyone who knows me understands that a crown is a very personal item to a queen. This tea towel further condones that delusion by expressing that it is “Good To Be Queen,” along with iconic London imagery surrounding a silhouette that could easily be Queen Elizabeth II. Stroke someone’s ego and decorate their kitchen at the same time!
Naked Decor

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