2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Ethan Boatner


Ethan-Boatner-Holiday-20131. Legendary: Inside the House Ballroom Scene
Gerard H. Gaskin
Photographer Gaskin’s intimate photos from New York, Philadelphia, Richmond and Washington, D.C. initiate the reader into the world of house balls, underground events where predominantly gay and transgender African American and Latino participants, members of particular “houses,” compete in pageants and “walks” for trophies based on costume, dance, attitude and “realness.”
Duke University Press


2. Liberation: Diaries 1970-1983
Christopher Isherwood
The third, final volume of Isherwood’s diaries, focuses on his life together with partner Don Bachardy. Throughout nearly 700 pages, Isherwood bears witness to the advances in gay rights issues in the still closeted years of the twentieth century. Noted author Edmund White provides a thought-provoking preface.
Harper Perennial


3. The Heavens Rise
Christopher Rice
Evil lives and breathes in Rice’s chilling portrayal of pre- and post-Katrina New Orleans. An unstoppable horror story that stirs family secrets, forbidden love, class, and race into a cauldron of double, double, toil and trouble, you’ll keep reading even as you fear being pulled down into his witches’ brew.
Gallery Books


4. Tamarack County
William Kent Krueger
A blizzard howls as sheriff-turned-private investigator Cork O’Connor is called to locate the missing wife of a retired local judge. As always, Krueger has a keen sense of the rugged northern Minnesota terrain and its equally rugged inhabitants, mixing family, love, and murder into a compelling read.


5. The Red Man’s Bones: George Catlin, Artist and Showman
Benita Eisler
Often called, “First artist of the West,” George Catlin (1796-1872), was not only a superb portraitist of Native Americans, some 600 among 30 Northern Plains tribes, but a showman, huckster and exploiter of the same peoples. Eisler deftly explores the life and shaping of this complex man.
W.W. Norton & Company


6. The Beauty of Men Never Dies: An Autobiographical Novel
David D. Leddick
Prolific Leddick–23+ books starting when he was 65–writes here of a gay man’s romances in his seventies and beyond. Writer, playwright, dancer, Leddick reminds the reader at every turn of the importance of sex, even–or especially–for the septuagenarian. A unique and lively read.
Terrace Books


7. Maggie’s Mechanics
Sheila J. Connolly
Set in California in the 1980s, Connolly’s debut novel features auto mechanic Maggie McIntyre and young Bett Holman who has fallen in love with the older, mysterious Maggie. The book starts explosively–literally–and sweeps the reader along, offering “mystery and mayhem mixed with love.”
Clover Valley Press


8. You Have a Book in You: A Stress-free Guide to Writing the Book of Your Dreams
Elizabeth Sims
You have a book in you, author Sims promises, and she has a number of nifty, painless suggestion on how to extract it. Or them. Sims encourages, prods, often repeating the phrase, “Fun and Easy,” as she shows the way. The perfect gift for that writer friend.
Writers Digest Books

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