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By Joshua Adelman

Rosenthal Interiors has been the premier destination for stylish, contemporary furnishings and unparalleled professional design services since 1895. A family-owned business, Rosenthal’s continuously strives to create a unique and inspiring destination in the heart of Downtown Minneapolis.

Rosie Rosenthal, fourth-generation owner and president of Rosenthal Interiors, loves to find what’s new, imaginative, and what will be timeless for years to come. Immersing herself in furnishing markets globally, from Milan to High Point, she sources exclusive and never-before-seen designs and styles to bring to the Twin Cities—giving you the impression of attending international furnishing fairs, but from the comfort of the downtown Minneapolis showroom.

Rosenthal’s also offers full-service interior design, as it is not just a want of their clients, it’s a need. They have expanded their services, cultivated a wealth of knowledge, brought on new team members and talent—so now they may assist you in creating the perfect space, designing it from the ground up, with your every need in mind. They take care of the leg work, all you have to do is enjoy your new space. From custom globally sourced fabric for pillows, window coverings, or your new lounge chair, to originally produced art that’s created to match your personal flair, custom tile selections, and everything in-between.

Making the push to experience something new today. Be unique, be inspired, be you.

Winter Trends

Wading through what is timeless and what is a trend can be difficult at times, that’s why the experts at Rosenthal’s are there to help with key style aspects of your interior design.

Pantone, the authority and influence on color, designated 2017 “the year of greenery,” further expounding that “[this gives us the] reassurance we yearn for amid a tumultuous social and political environment.” With this said, rich greens, with yellowish hues can be expertly blended into your home with accents, rugs, or pillows. Iin need of theme ideation? The design experts at Rosenthal Interiors are there to help.

And if you wait long enough, the familiar returns, marrying spaces—vintage to contemporary—whether it be with an heirloom piece or something brighter and bolder. Merging styles together is easy with the right help, by creating a vintage blend with clean contemporary lines, it will give you an effortlessly comfortable look, just in time for this holiday season.

As we shift to brisker weather and dare we say snow in the forecast, we begin to see a transition to heavier fabrics, throws, pillows, and chairs to create that warm and fuzzy feeling we vie for during the midwest’s state of hibernation.

Miniforms – Caruso Soundbar
Miniforms is different. As designers they set themselves apart by creating pieces that intrigue, compel, and inspire wonder. A signature piece, the Caruso music cabinet was designed with all of the aforementioned factors in mind. It is a beautiful blend between sound, design, and function. Caruso will fill your room with the sumptuous sound of your favorite music, or can accent your living space with a modern flair.

Gamma – Sound Night Bed
Contemporary. Bold. Handcrafted Italian design. That’s Gamma. Furnishings are conversation pieces as well as meant to be enjoyed. Gamma is there to meet both needs and then some. With sleek lines, innovative design, and customization, the Sound Night Bed is as unique as you are, and can be stylized to match. With an assortment of leather options, sizes, and details down to stitching, your new bedroom can match your taste and you, without the need for haphazardly placed posters like when you were a teenager.

Kenneth Cobonpue – Acrobat Light Fixture
Designed by Kenneth Cobonpue, a multi-awarded furniture designer and manufacturer from Cebu, Philippines. Selected for esteemed awards such as Designer of the Year and First Virtuoso by TIME Magazine, Kenneth continues to innovate and inspire with his other-worldly designs. The piece featured, Acrobat, captures a spontaneous moment of an aerialist in mid-flight. Made of gossamer wires, hand-woven in a lattice pattern, this dramatic design is both an art piece and a functional lamp.

Naos – Quesar Expansion Table
The strength of Italian dining and occasional tables have hit hard with the increasing natural palettes of family-friendly ceramic-glass tops. There are more expansion options and base options, to distinguish between households opting for formal dining, dinette, and everyday kitchen use— with choices ranging from a high-gloss finish to a matte texture. Shown here, the Naos Quesar expansion table comes in a number of finish options, sure to meet your specific needs and style.

Thayer Coggin – Fuzzy Chair
Thayer Coggin has carved out a standalone identity in the home furnishings market through a commitment to timeless, modern design. In a process unique in the home furnishings industry, Thayer Coggin furniture is bench-made by a single craftsperson. This extraordinary technique ensures continuity among pieces and guarantees the highest quality upholstery that our clients demand. Featured here, the Good Egg Swivel Chair is a standalone accent piece that inspires creativity at every turn or swivel. With hundreds of upholstery, fabric, and leather options and combinations, your space will truly reflect your personal style. True to trends of the coming season our team selected a fluffy white faux fur which covers every curve of our chair, creating a sumptuous and relaxing fit for our clients.

Locally Produced Fine Art
At Rosenthal Interiors we are committed to building a stronger connection to, and network within, our local artist community. To further cultivate this relationship we have with our local talent, we are committing ourselves to only showcasing and displaying local art.

Sandra Felemovicius is inspired by her culture and the outer tangible world to create abstractions. Sandra may get inspired by a fragment of a rock or a wall that catches her eye, or elements as simple as forms, shapes, and lines that then transfer into her work. Sandra’s process of creating a painting comes from her background, a Jewish Mexican Artist, integrating her past and present cultures. Always starting with a small sketch that then is later transferred into a full-scale painting, she builds layers of color and many thin layers of transparent paint to be able to achieve these effects.

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