Urban Gardening: Mini Spaces – Many Charms



By Robert Kramer

Feasts for eyes and appetites require planning. Whether you have space for lots of pots or just a simple window box, mix your planting with bright colored annuals and your favorite vegetables. The results will give you an impressionistic canvas of color as well as summer-long fresh produce.

At RJ Kramer Designs we have discovered that planning is the key. Just like designing your home, think of site angles. From what direction will they be viewed? This will dictate not only where the tall, medium and short plants should be placed, but also the flower and bloom sizes. The relation of large to small blooms is an important consideration.


What vegetables work best? The ones you like. Tomatoes, peas, beans, Swiss chard, kale and lettuce as well as root vegetables such as beets and carrots can all be timely delicious guests at your summer table.

Some things to consider: our charming little innocents, bunnies that is, are prolific this year and have a great appetite for your crops. Try chicken wire to cover young plants or left over plastic pots – cut the bottom out and place over plants. Remember, your dog is your ally. For birds, cheese cloth is effective.

Also keep in mind that annuals have voracious appetites for fertilizer. It seems impossible to over feed them. We add organic compost to the pots when planting. Even time-release organic is effective.


It’s a wonderful summer for growing, both vegetables and flowers.

Think of it as the season for Beauty and the Beets.

Until next time,

Robert Kramer




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