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Dunn Bros on Grand and Snelling. Photo by Mike Hnida
Dunn Bros on Grand and Snelling. Photo by Mike Hnida

Dunn Bros on Grand and Snelling. Photo by Mike Hnida

Any college class scheduled before 8:00 am is a special form of early adulthood torture. Being expected to not only be in that seat, but with the brain fully functioning, isn’t an easy transition. By night there are new social worlds to navigate, groups to join, huge ideas to be thought up—how can one be expected to then turn around and seriously retain even more knowledge? The answer is caffeine, my friend.  Here’s a roundup of some coffeehouses where you can camp out, get some work done, discuss those big ideas, and get that badly needed java jolt.

Hamline: Ginkgo’s is part kitchy shop part coffee house and everything a student could ask for in a homebase java joint.  (Also great for St. Paul U ofM students—just drive down and through the State Fair grounds!) 321 Snelling Ave, St. Paul

Macalester: It’s all about the original Dunn Bros on Grand and Snelling with music six nights a week and crowd that takes their brew seriously. 1569 Grand Ave, St. Paul

St. Thomas: Kopplin’s is recognized by many coffee aficionados as the best brew in the cities, and lucky for Tommies, it’s walking distance from campus. 2038 Marshall Ave. St. Paul

St. Catherine’s: Quixotic Coffee pours a serious cup of coffee and a room that’s a welcome mix of comfort and sophistication. 769 Cleveland, St. Paul

University of Minnesota: It’s hard not to end up at the Purple Onion; they’ve become a U of M institution. 1301 Southeast University, Minneapolis

MCTC: Espresso Royale is at the edge of their campus (There are also locations in Dinkytown and by St. Kate’s.) The back area has plenty of space to sprawl, while the front is perfect for chatting.  1229 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis


Newsy Bits:

Our favorite food truck rocking ladies have announced that they’re opening a restaurant. Carrie Summer and Lisa Carlson will open a Chef Shack restaurant in Bay City, Wisconsin.  It will be a “weekend only” destination. We can’t wait!

Coffee News Café has closed unexpectedly. The restaurant just off the Macalester campus had finally updated their menu, added a website (finally stopped using MySpace), and had a Twitter handle. Things were looking up, and now they’ve closed their doors.

Primebar is up and running in Calhoun Square. The menu is filled with of-the-moment food items like sliders, duck confit, and pork belly. We’ll see if they can make it in the space that was once Figlio.

Colossal Café is now serving dinner at their St. Paul location. After wooing the former sous chef from Heartland to the location, the initial menu includes burgers, pastas, and a chicken liver pate that is not to be missed. They are also serving beer and wine, a great addition to the neighborhood and walking distance from the Luther Campus.


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