Making Mouths Happy


Frio-FrioFrio Frio makes mouths happy. It’s as simple as that.

Say hello to some of the best new frozen treats in the Twin Cities mobile scene. From one of the creative minds behind Angel Food Bakery in downtown Minneapolis, Katy Gerdes takes her love of all things sweet, delish, colorful, and twisted and applies it to one of the best things she knows to “spread the happy”: popsicles — or as she and partner Chris Weber like to call them, “ice lollies.”

As a baker, Gerdes has noticed more wedding couples going with desserts and treats that have meaning to them. If a couple likes donuts, they are having donuts for dessert. If the couple likes ice cream, they are rolling out the ice cream. The trend is to go with what you want, whatever that might be.

And if what you love are perfectly frozen goodies from fresh, pure fruit, Frio Frio is what you want at your wedding. Taking inspiration from classic Mexican paletas, Frio Frio twists in many delightful additions, creating combinations like Grapefruit-Carrot-Ginger, Strawberry-Balsamic-Basil, and Kiwi-Apple-Kale.

Frio Frio was conceived during a night when Gerdes and Weber were researching gummy bear recipes online (like everyone does), and an image of gummy bears in a popsicle showed up. Gerdes shared her idea to start a popsicle cart in Minneapolis, in which Weber enthusiastically begged to be included. That night they worked out the details and Frio Frio was born.

“One of the things we love about the Twin Cities area is how people here embrace and support local, new, unique products,” Weber says. “This will be Frio Frio’s second summer in production and this year we would love the opportunity to work with more couples and special events. We have new flavor ideas and looks for ice lollies but need that special occasion to create them.”

As their website states in bold letters, everyone needs more happy, and Frio Frio is making it happen. “It is never fun when you are bummed out, stressed, or worried, but it happens and part of the reason we started Frio Frio is because we want to bring a happy, fun feeling to people,” Weber says. “It’s hard to frown when licking an ice lolly. Hopefully we can help people enjoy a moment, remember old memories, take their mind away from things for a bit or just give people a smile.”

Frio Frio

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