Holiday Gift Guide: Ross Sveback


Miele Capricorn Vacuum

Don’t waste your money on any other vacuum again.  The Miele Capricorn will change your life.  I know, how can a vacuum change your life?  Well, when you get this you will see exactly how efficient, quiet and effect it is.  The air coming out of the Capricorn is cleaner than the air around you.



Alexandria Chicken Coop

The Alexandria Chicken Coop is the perfect gift for anyone in town or out in the country.  It holds up to six hens which will give you a half-dozen fresh eggs every day.  Free-range eggs are colorful and have more flavor.  The coop is mobile on wheels, so your hens can roam around your yard freely year round.



Design Blooms Concrete Rings

Design Blooms Concrete Rings are true conversation starters and fashion statements.  Hand cast in your size, either the corner or rock ring are the perfect gift for the person that has everything.



Cuisinart Pressure Cooker

The Cuisinart Pressure Cooker is for anyone who asks themselves “what am I going to make my family for dinner?”  Throw in a roast, set the timer for 45 minutes, grab a glass of wine, and take some time for yourself.  No one needs to know it didn’t take eight hours but you.



Motorola Xyboard

I love the freedom the Motorola Xyboard gives my life.  The massive screen, 4G, and standard flash make watching movies, reading magazines, and staying connected the world effortless.  I cannot imagine my life without my Xyboard.  I have the WiFi version, and it works like a dream.



Sagaform’s Retro Dinnerware

Dinnerware is a nod to the past with the durability of today.  Dishwasher and microwave safe in shapes and sizes that fit everyone’s lifestyle.



Weck Canning Jars

Preserving the flavors of the season would not be the same without Weck canning jars.  Each jar is a work of art, since artisans make them in the same way they have been since the 1900s.  Preserving foods with Weck make perfect gifts.



Oaxacan Tote

I love the Oaxacan Tote by Will Leather.  Each tote is handmade, taking 152 steps to complete.  I chose Tote 2 due to the vivid colors, I have to admit I could not decide which one.  Indulge yourself and own a true original.



Astoria Moscato

When it’s time to celebrate, either getting through the day or getting a call from Oprah, Astoria Moscato takes that to a whole new level.  Exclusively offered only at high-end restaurants in Italy, it’s now available here in the United States.  Check your local liquor retailer.



Viking-Husqvarna Emerald 118 Sewing Machine

When you love to sew, nothing handles hemming your jeans or sewing your very first quilt better than the Viking-Husqvarna Emerald 118 sewing machine.  It’s so user friendly, you’ll wonder why you didn’t get one earlier – your alterations person will wonder what happened to you!



Hunter Balmoral Bamboo Carbon Boots

Live like a true Royal with a pair of Hunter Balmoral Bamboo Carbon Boots.  Whether you are going out around town for the day, hunting, or singing in the rain—elevate your ensemble.   Built to last a lifetime.



French Pressed Glassware

French Pressed Glassware, made by artisans in the same manner since 1475 by hand firing it at extremely high temperatures to produce not only glass that is crystal clear, but also durable.  Own a piece of France without the price tag.

$45-60.00 for set of 6

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