Holiday Gift Guide: Randy Stern


Kenneth Cole Black Suit

I have to admit not having the wardrobe a gay man needs. Then, again, my body is not as shaped as it should be either. So, I need a suit…this one will do nicely.



Columbia Lhotse Mountain II Interchange Jacket

I swear by Columbia as a supplier of outerwear and winter protection.  This should last a few winters.



Killer Bob Bad Bones T-Shirt

Subversive? That is why San Francisco’s Killer Bob Graphics rank high amongst outfitters to the Bear community. What is wrong with being a little “bad” around town?



Cards Against Humanity

The best card game ever. Guaranteed for hours of pure entertainment. Throw away your old Trivial Pursuit packs!



GoPro Hero3 Black Edition

What if we could add video to our Ride Reviews? Most of the auto press uses this small camera to make a huge impact—in HD, of course!



Simpson Speedway Heat Shield Driving Shoe

When I am driving for speed or pleasure, I need to keep my feet cool. Simpsons are the best in driving shoes—period. And, no, these are not for the club!



Performance Driving School at Brainerd International Raceway

To become a better automotive enthusiast, you must have some track time. Or, learn how to drive on one. It is about a couple of hours away.

$325 for one session in their spec car



You do not have a Mike Welton in your house? You may have a Van Gogh print, but there are many artists working in various media locally who would love to see their works in your homes. You may have a friend who is an artist. Support them, please?

Price per piece varies and


A book by a Local Author

The Twin Cities is among the best places in the world for aspiring writers—especially GLBT scribes! Support your friends and read one of their books in print or mobile device.

Price per book varies


A Gift Card

Ah, the ultimate cop-out in gift giving. Or, you just simply do not know what to get someone you know very, very well. We get it. We will take care of what you did not give us when we receive it. And, thank you.

$25 and up

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