Holiday Gift Guide: Pets


There’s always at least one person on our shopping lists that makes our heads spin. What do I get them? What do they like? Do they already have this? These are some questions that you might find popping into your head as you shop for that new friend, cousin, or in-law that turns your holiday shopping list into a puzzle. Despite the stress of trying to find the perfect gift for everyone on our lists, it’s important we don’t neglect to pick out a gift for arguably the most important kind of friends: the furry ones.

While you’re running around from store to store trying to find the perfect gift for your hard-to-shop-for friend, cousin, in-law, etc., make sure you take a moment to think of the one on your list who will love you unconditionally regardless of the gift you get them: your pet. Check out this list of gifts for every pet in your life:

1. Personalized Pet Ornament
Show your dog some extra love on the Christmas tree this year with this personalized ornament. Display your canine friend’s name in this uniquely designed dog bone that is classy and simple. Also, the color of the wire, both in the bone and in the name, can be chosen from a wide variety of colors.
On Etsy: FoxblossomCo
2. Christmas Dog Treat Gift Basket
Humans aren’t the only ones who love gift basket of baked goods for the holidays. Get your pup this basket of all natural dog treats in fun holiday shapes like gingerbread people, dog bones, and hearts. Also, all gift boxes can be personalized to display a message and your dog’s name.
On Etsy: TreatWorthyPet
3. Elf Pet Pajamas
Whether you’re a big fan of Elf the movie or you just love a well-dressed pet, you’ll want to get these pajamas for your pet. Available for both cats and dogs, these elf pajamas are festive yet comfortable. Everyone loves to spend the holidays lounging around in their coziest pajamas, so why shouldn’t our furry friends do the same?
4. Pet Holiday Cookies
I don’t know about you, but my favorite part of the holiday season is the abundance of holiday-themed sweets that seem to appear everywhere I go. If you have a pet that likes to stroll around the kitchen and soak in the scrumptious smells, this is the gift for them. Share the love for holiday treats with your furry friend with this pet holiday cookies assortment.
5. Dr. Seuss Grinch Teaser Toy
You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch. Entertain your cat for hours with this Dr. Seuss Grinch teaser toy that will both get them in the holiday spirit and get on their very last nerve. Your cat will love clawing at this fun themed toy possibly even more than the Grinch hates, well, everything.

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