Holiday Gift Guide: Jewelry


I’m one of those people who is allergic to metal, particularly costume jewelry, so when I get the precious stuff for myself or as a gift, it automatically becomes something I treasure. I cherish my jewelry and I find it to be an incredibly intimate gift to give and receive. Here are some of our local artisans and stores offering us some exquisite ideas for this holiday season.

1. Torus Tiny Diamond Bracelet
The Torus Bracelet is hand-fabricated in oxidized sterling silver with twelve 18K yellow gold tube inlays and 24 .005ct recycled diamonds (.12ct tw dia). The diamonds are set on each side of the tube inlays.
Karin Jacobson Jewelry Design

2. Meteorite Interchangeable Bracelet
Give the gift of timeless style with an interchangeable bracelet featuring genuine Gibeon meteorite, an accessory that is truly out of this world!
Jewelry by Johan

3. Sapphire and Gold Skull Necklace
In ancient Greece and Rome, kings and queens believed that blue sapphires protected their owners from envy and harm. For him or her, this luxe strand of completely natural, translucent blue sapphire beads interspersed with 14K yellow gold beads features a 14K yellow gold skull and infinity clasp.
$990, one of a kind
New Gild Jewelers

4. Nail Bracelets by Pat Flynn
Pat Flynn’s iconic nail bracelets contrast the elegance of diamonds and fused 22K yellow gold against textural, blackened steel  Each bracelet is hand-forged from cut nails. Wear one or stack them up!

5. Tacori’s Ivy Lane Pave Diamond Jewelry
The Ivy Lane Pavé Chevron Pendants, Earrings, and Rings feature pave-set black diamonds in sterling silver.
Starting at $550
Arthur’s Jewelers

6. Bracelets & Cuffs
Hand-fabricated bracelets and cuffs in an assortment of metals and styles. Accented with G SI1 diamonds and quality precious gems.
Stephen Vincent Jewelry Boutique

7. Dinosaur Bone Wrist Watch
Featuring fossilized dinosaur gembone, this time piece will make a surprising gift for those looking to dress up their wrist with a little something different.
Jewelry by Johan

8. Double Hyacinth Origami Ring with Diamonds
The Double Hyacinth Origami Ring is hand-fabricated in oxidized silver with four .03ct recycled diamonds set in 18K yellow gold.
Karin Jacobson Jewelry Design

9. Meteorite Earrings
Iron meteorites are derived from the cores of ancient planets destroyed nearly 4.5 billion years ago by catastrophic impact events during the formation of our solar system. Some feature “Widmanstätten patterns,” which make for extremely cool art opportunities. These meteorite pieces have made their way to us to tell their story, lovingly hand set in sterling silver with a rhodium plating to ensure maximum visibility of the pattern. Geeks unite!
$350, one of a kind
New Gild Jewelers

10. Tacori’s Crescent Cove Diamond Jewelry
Inspired by the waves and coves of the Pacific Ocean, the Crescent Cove Collection by Tacori is handcrafted in California.
Starting at $250
Arthur’s Jewelers

11. Eclipse Stacker Rings
Hand-fabricated sterling silver and silver noir stacking bands. Plain or scattered with 22K gold, GSI1 diamonds. Topped with rustic diamonds and other precious gems set in 18K gold bezels. Comes in a variety of widths. Available in white or noir silver.
Stephen Vincent Jewelry Boutique

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