Holiday Gift Guide: Ellen Krug


The Little Black Dress

I’m sure I would look absolutely fabulous in this wonderful  Suzi Chin Elbow Sleeve Faux Wrap Dress. Wow! What a great look for under $100. I don’t know about you, but this will stretch my thin paycheck in a positive direction. The dress looks like a million bucks! (So does the model, but she’s not for sale.)



A Bike Mirror that Actually Stays Fixed in Place

I bought a new bike this year (a beautiful white Vita Specialized that soars on the Greenway—one of last year’s Xmas wishes that came true). It came equipped with a side mirror that sucks. The mirror requires a near constant adjust, adjust, adjust. Please, gift me with a mirror that stays in place and actually keeps me safe. Here’s the candidate: Mirrycle Mountain Bike Mirror, at REI $18.00—Not a bad price when you consider the safety factor. All you bicyclists understand!



Christmas Eve Night at the Foshay Tower

The dream of Wilbur Foshay, the tower bearing his name is 32 stories of unmistakable landmark which dominated the downtown Minneapolis skyline for more than 40 years until the IDS Tower was completed. Rumor has it that Wilbur roams the hotel and stops elevators, presumably for transport to his former penthouse residence.  Haunted or not, I want to make this Christmas special—if I’m going to be without family (my usual Xmas scenario), I want to wake up on the 25th enjoying a bit of luxury and room service.


Gift Certificate to the Normandy Kitchen

Located at the corner of 8th Street and 4th Avenue, the Normandy is another Minneapolis mainstay. Now, I know what you’re thinking—the Normandy? Really? Yes, really. The Normandy is one of those best kept secrets. Their salads and soups are fantastic, hot French bread adorns the table the moment you sit down, and tasty entrees are reasonably priced. The wait staff and bartenders (that includes you, Greg) are oh so nice! This place gets my five stars.


A Funky Floor Lamp for My Yet-to-be-Purchased Comfy Chair

I’ve moved my bedroom around to take into account the big-ass building that’s going up across the street from my condo. No longer do I have the privacy to sit on my bed and read; now I’ll have to cower in a corner away from prying eyes. I still need a comfy chair, but here’s the light to go with it: Brazo LED Light Floor Lamp, also known as a light-on-a-stick.  Pretty cool if you ask me!



Peace on Earth

Really, man, if, like, the world could be at peace, you know, with no wars or killing or raping or hating or bullying or discriminating or firing or lying or conservative religion intolerance sermonizing or lynching or yelling or punching or knife pulling or  plane or car hijacking or gay bashing or genital mutilating or child abusing or lover cheating or kids crying because of hunger or people losing hope, then I’d be one happy and extremely satisfied chick. Cool!

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