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Photo courtesy of Pawsh Photography

There are few things that shape us as much as our pets and our neighborhoods. In that spirit, Lavender sought out Minneapolis couples and asked them to give us a little peek at those two parts of their lives. Interviews are edited slightly for clarity.

Rose Ahmann, Jean Zimmerman, and Reggie

Rose and Jean, both former teachers, recently celebrated 21 years together. Their dog Reggie was a treasured member of their family for 15 of those years. Unfortunately, they had to put him down last May. They miss him dearly.

What drew you to your neighborhood initially and why do you stay?

Victory is a great neighborhood. We watch out for each other and care for our green space and the Memorial it represents.

Rose grew up on the northside, moved to rural Minnesota, and then came back to NOMI (NOrth MInneapolis) for a job. Jean is from Chicago and loves the cultural and ethnic diversity of the neighborhood.

Photo by Rose Ahmann

Reggie’s Favorite Spots?

We live on Victory Memorial Drive, so we took Reggie on frequent walks up and down the green space. We used to take Reggie to Kim’s Dog Kair, but Kim Kenitzm, who is a fabulous groomer, is now in Robbinsdale at Bark and Bathe.

We have the best vets at Camden Pet Hospital. When Reggie was ready to go over the Rainbow Bridge, our vet recommended MN Pets for the journey.  The vet came to our house and we were all together at home through the last moment.

Reggie’s absolute favorite place was the cabin, up near Hackensack, MN.

Favorite places for a couple’s night out?

Nonna Rosa (Robbinsdale) has amazing Italian and we loved bringing Reggie to Wicked Wort Brew Pub for beers on their patio. We also enjoy Dancing Bear Chocolate.

What changes have you seen in your neighborhood this year?

During the time after George Floyd’s murder we had a fire in our business sector that has still not been repaired. We see many more people out on the Parkway, walking, biking, running. Several book clubs are meeting outside on the green space, and The Yoga Room (Laurie Schlosser) holds classes on the parkway.  

Zaylore Stout, Ore Lindenfield, and Lakota

Zaylore and Ore just celebrated their 6-year anniversary. They dream of winning the lottery so Ore can buy a ranch and run a dog rescue. For now, the couple is content with their dog Lakota, who has been a part of their family for five years.

What drew you to your neighborhood initially and why do you stay?

We LOVE our house. We both lived in California previously and believed that owning a house just might not be in the cards for us. When we saw our house in North Minneapolis we immediately fell in love with it – it reminded us of our college days in Orange County. After moving in, we met our amazing neighbors. Our block is so diverse. It’s exactly what a home should feel like.

Favorite places for a couple’s night out?

We LOVE Super Moon Buffet! It’s not uncommon for us to be spotted there for a birthday celebration—and, this year, even for our anniversary. We fell in love with the place when we lived in St. Louis Park. It’s the closest thing we have to a Las Vegas buffet, which used to be a mere four hours away for us. There is always something for everyone there, regardless of any dietary restrictions. The COVID protocols they’ve implemented are great, too.

Photo courtesy of Pawsh Photograph

Lakota’s Favorite Spots?

Every day – well, winter days can be rough – we walk Lakota through the North Mississippi Regional Park. On hot days, he’s chasing after sticks thrown into the river, but most days he’s just panting after squirrels.

We recently had a family photo shoot taken by Lisa Peterson, of Pawsh Photography, at Rice Creek Regional Trail North Access. Since then, we’ve committed to taking our bikes to ride through the park and explore it further.

Sadly, we haven’t been to the Victory Prairie Off-Leash Dog Park since Lakota sustained an injury to his leg while running around. It might be time for us to get him back out there with his friends.

What changes have you seen in your neighborhood this year?

There have been a ton more pet adoptions all around, which we think is great! Neighbors have been much more neighborly since we are all spending much more time at home and self-isolating with our selected “pods.” Additionally, more neighbors than expected have been speaking out and showing support for racial equity. We’ve spotted lawn signs, chalked driveways, and even handcrafted art made by children. It’s been extremely heartwarming.

Keep the conversation going! What are some of your favorite pet-friendly spots in North Minneapolis, dear reader?

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