FASHION SHOW: 2nd Annual MOD Fashion Show


MOD for Tomorrow
Fashion Designer Raquel Redmond
May 20, 2014 | W – Foshay

MOD for Tomorrow

Hosted in the Minneapolis W Hotel’s super-chic Living Room, New York frequent and fashion designer Raquel Redmond took the mantle of leading the Second Annual MOD Fashion Show. Under the W’s signature pink lighting, models walked in Redmond’s newest line for her label, Enna Le’Uqar. She calls her collection “modern,”but forward-thinking may be the word—a glimpse of what may be ahead.

We interviewed Raquel about her history and take on fashion and style. Photographs of the show follow our Q&A.

Lav.fash | What was your inspiration for the line? What did you mean to say with it?

Raquel Redmond | Every line I do has a concept. I research concepts, eras, and time periods to create new trends. I never follow the beaten path. This line specifically has a very conservative yet sexy vintage but modern feel. Mixing up the pattern and textures along with structure and a soft flow I created my own version of MOD. I call it the Modern MOD.

How long have you been a designer? What about fashion draws you?

RR | I have officially had my business and been an established ‘designer’since 2009, starting in Los Angeles, CA. I have sewn though since I was 8 and always made clothing for myself. CREATIVIY and PASSION draws me in. I am some what obsessed with what I do. To me, my clothing line is not just something to wear. It’s a piece of art. My goal is make anyone and everyone who is in Enna Le’Uqar feel beyond fabulous. Knowing they are in exclusivity, feeling the confidence of your image, walking into a room and knowing everyone is loving how you wear the outfit…not how the outfit fits you. Fashion to me is very personal and intimate and can change your state of mind and the way you feel in an instant. I love making you feel gorgeous and/or handsome. That, along with sharing my art with the world, is why I do what I do.

Whats your hallmark as a designer?

RR | I wouldn’t say I have just one signature piece. Each line has something signature about it for sure but I will say my harlem pant/drop crotch/hammer pant, and my hooded tops/jackets are the top sellers. I also will be launching my Jumbo vers. Mini Bow tie collection for Fall 2015/2016. Those will definitely be a signature piece of the line as well! Stay tuned!

Tell us more about your label. How did you come up with the name?

RR | The actual name is my first and middle name backwards. Raquel Anne –Enna Le’Uqar (enna lay oo-core). I wanted something different. I wanted my line to match my title to complete the brand. Enna Le’Uqar is unique, not something you automatically understand but can learn to love, makes you think twice when you see it and has a motivational side as well.

Any fun or interesting moments you’ve experienced at any of your shows?

RR | Honestly EVERY show is a total different experience and always creates wonderful, weird, stressful, and rewarding moments.

What does “style” mean to you?

RR | Who you are on the inside expressed on the exterior

Advice for aspiring designers?

RR |Stay true to yourself. Learn and accept knowledge from those who are more established than you but stay true to you and your craft. Stay confident but don’t loose yourself and become too prideful. Stay driven. Find others who inspire you, who work at your level or harder so you can work at theirs. Move around. Don’t be fearful of taking risks. This industry is all about risks. Some risks you win, some you loose. Never get discouraged. Failure is about not knowing. Once you know, you wont fail in that area again as long as you analyze and realize where you dropped the ball or make the wrong move. MOST of all stay passionate. That’s why we started this crazy adventure in the first place!

Keep up with Raquel!

Instagram @raquelredmond
Twitter @enna_le_uqar

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