2016 Lavender Yellow Pages + Wedding Resource Guide


Welcome to the 2016 Lavender Yellow Pages + Wedding Resource Guide. Click here to view.

Another year, another Lavender Yellow Pages + Wedding Resource Guide. Thank you for picking it up as well as for being an integral part of our success.

The publishing industry continues to grow, both in print and electronically, locally and globally. The Yellow Pages is still the go-to resource for a niche community like ours. Who wants your business? The advertisers in the GLBT Yellow Pages. You can find it in print on the stands and keep it at home or in your car for whenever you need to know who to call, what to click, or where to go. If you get Lavender in your Newsstand on iPhone or iPad, you’ve got a clickable resource full of links and numbers that can connect you to what you want in a matter of moments. Sitting at your laptop or desktop, all of it is available in an instant.

To respond to a need in a world where some businesses are trying to figure out how refuse to serve our community when we are looking to get married, we give you the Wedding Resource Guide. Use this Wedding Resource Guide to find vendors for your wedding who not only won’t refuse to work with you, but have also paid to advertise in our pages so that you know they would love to have your business. For something that can be a stressful event to plan, let these pages relieve you of some of the worry.

Lavender has been a resource for the GLBT community since 1995. We know that you need to continue to find what you need in our pages, on our website, in our apps, and from our advertisers. Look to us this next year to continue to give you relevant content for your lives. We will continue to bring you attractive events and engaging opportunities. Use our resources to get yourselves connected to both what you want and what you need. We are here for this community, whether electronically, in person, or on stands.

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