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Cruisin’ the Med

By Carla Waldemar / July 28, 2011

Okay, I’ll come right out and say it: I heart Italy. So when a flier came my way announcing a…

Tallinn, Estonia

By Carla Waldemar / June 30, 2011

Having thrown off Soviet shackles two decades ago, Tallinn, Estonia, now boasts a lively scene for tourists, including gay folks.…

Knoxville, Tennessee

By Carla Waldemar / May 19, 2011

Music, food, and history are among this city’s attractions. East Tennessee, anchored by Knoxville, has long been a contested battle…

Quad Cities, Iowa and Illinois

By Carla Waldemar / May 5, 2011

It’s all about the river in the Quad Cities—the quartet of river towns straddling the Mississippi where Iowa meets Illinois.…

Bordeaux, France

By Carla Waldemar / April 21, 2011

A Francophile’s dilemma: Where to find the ideal trifecta of food, wine, and culture? (Oh, and shopping.) Easy. Bordeaux. You…

Columbus, Ohio

By Carla Waldemar / April 7, 2011

Columbus discovered America. Then, gays discovered Columbus. This cool Ohio city stakes claim as the third-most-welcoming GLBT town in the…

Scandinavian Sightseeing

By Carla Waldemar / January 13, 2011

Gate announcement flying SAS: “You can put away your passports, but smiles are mandatory.” Ugly Americans, rethink your destination. Everybody…

Manchester, England

By Carla Waldemar / December 16, 2010

If London were the New York of England, then Manchester stands as its Chicago, the country’s burly second city. They’re…

Lessons from Sheep

By Carla Waldemar / December 2, 2010

I’m writing this from a remote cottage in the Lake District of England. Across the road is the highest mountain…


By Carla Waldemar / December 2, 2010

While jogging along the emerald shoreline of Lake Michigan, past the urban backdrop of high-style high-rises and a world-class art…

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