Our Lives

A Word in Edgewise

By E.B. Boatner / December 21, 2007

In this final issue of 2007, Lavender is proud to feature the Reitans as its very first “Family of the…

Ms. Behavior

By Ms. Behavior® by Meryl Cohn / December 21, 2007

Dear Ms. Behavior: I’m in a long-distance relationship with a great woman who lives two hours away. We see each…

The Love Tangle A Dateland Mystery Part Four

By Jennifer Parello / December 21, 2007

<For the first three installments of this Dateland Mystery, go to www.jenniferparello.com>. I first met Ellen at a charity event.…

The Love Tangle: A Dateland Mystery Part Three

By Jennifer Parello / December 5, 2007

For the first two installments of this Dateland Mystery, go to www.jenniferparello.com. I’m not certain why Lucy asked me out,…

Ms. Behavior®

By Ms. Behavior® by Meryl Cohn / December 5, 2007

Dear Ms. Behavior: My girlfriend, Molly, and I are breaking up, but still living together (in separate bedrooms) until our…

Getting into Leather, 1993: Tales Around the Holiday Fire

By Steve Lenius / December 4, 2007

The holidays are a time for gathering around a warm, glowing fire, and telling stories—not just holiday stories, but also…

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