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Leather Life: Clark Bufkin, 1947-2012 An Appreciation

By Steve Lenius / April 5, 2012

Clark Bufkin, a notable GLBT-community activist, publisher, and former member of the Atons of Minneapolis, passed away suddenly on Jan. 13…

Through These Eyes: The Little Things

By Justin Jones / April 5, 2012

Listen to Justin read this piece: The Little Things I’m standing in my grandmother’s kitchen. She has black and white linoleum…

2012 Twin Cities Gay Pool League Tournament at the 19 Bar

By Lavender / April 4, 2012

  Click through the gallery. All photos by Mario Coapango.

A Word in Edgewise: A Defense of Marriage

By E.B. Boatner / March 22, 2012

In June 2008, I attended the First (and the Last) Annual Celebration of Marriage in Palm Springs. It was impossible to…

In a Heartbeat: The Legality of Marriage

By Emma Nelson / March 22, 2012

When Marianne Norris was first coming out, she wanted someone to talk to. She was established in her career, she…

Be A Good Guest At The Wedding

By Sean Ryan and Edward Piechowski / March 22, 2012

What a delight to be invited to a wedding, whether it’s for your closest friend, a family member, a work…

Donna Lindsay-Goodwin: Who’s That Lady?

By Kathleen Bradbury / March 22, 2012

As an Ordained Minister at Healing Hands-Healing Hearts and the President of DLG Creative Management-Wedding and Event Planning, Donna Lindsay-Goodwin…

From the Mouths of Babes

By Lannie Walker / March 22, 2012

We were married in midmorning and divorced by lunchtime. I only agreed to a wedding because I thought the midriff-baring…

A More Perfect Union

By Heidi Fellner / March 22, 2012

The decision to marry is a deeply personal one, and can be one of the most significant decisions a couple…

Through These Eyes: A Letter From Your Son

By Justin Jones / March 8, 2012

Dear Dad, I’m never sure when you’re listening. You have an ability, mom used to say, at surprising us when…

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