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Ride Review: Acura TL

By Randy Stern / May 3, 2012

Do you still remember the best automobile you ever owned? I remember the day I took delivery of a 1991…

Ride Review: Kia Rio

By Randy Stern / April 16, 2012

What will you do when gas costs $5.00-a-gallon? This is one of the scenarios being bantered about by oil speculators…

Ride Review: Cadillac SRX

By Randy Stern / April 5, 2012

A long time ago, the tag line “Standard of the World” stood for something special. Over 100 years ago, the…

Ride Review: Mazda3

By Randy Stern / March 21, 2012

How does one describe “Zoom-Zoom?” If you’ve seen the commercials and advertisements for Mazda’s vehicles, then you know what “zoom-zoom”…

Ride Preview: 39th Annual Twin Cities Auto Show

By Randy Stern / March 8, 2012

Is this the year to attend the Twin Cities Auto Show? Considering last year’s rebound of the automotive industry, there…

The Scene from the 2012 Chicago Auto Show

By Randy Stern / February 19, 2012

On February 8th and 9th, I was down at the 2012 Chicago Auto Show fulfilling my duty for several media…

It’s Auto Show Season Again

By Randy Stern / February 6, 2012

What attracts you to an auto show? Is it the prospect of buying a new vehicle within the next several…

Ride Review: Hyundai Elantra

By Randy Stern / January 22, 2012

We love to live large. It is American trait that we live it up the best way we can. It…

Ride Review: GMC Terrain

By Randy Stern / January 12, 2012

The question is no longer “what is a crossover.” It is “what size do you need?” Since petrol prices scaled…

Seven New Vehicles for the New Year

By Randy Stern / December 26, 2011

We no longer live in traditional model years. When September and October rolled around, we knew it was time to…

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