Big Gay News

By Bradley Traynor / December 15, 2011

Democratic Rep. Barney Frank Announces Retirement The Associated Press reports that Dem. Rep. Barney Frank, the first voluntarily openly gay…

2011 Person of the Year – John Kriesel: A Profile in Courage

By John Townsend / December 15, 2011

While serving courageously with the Minnesota National Guard in Iraq in 2006, John Kriesel lost both legs because of an IED (roadside bomb). Four…

Uganda: An Overview of How White American Evangelicals and Enriched Ugandan Politicians Target Lesbians and Gays

By John Townsend / November 17, 2011

American taxpayers have grown increasingly wary and weary of dumping billions of dollars annually into countries that do not honor the separation of…

One Year Prior: 3 Ways to Celebrate Election 2012

By Andy Lien / November 4, 2011

This weekend marks what is one year from what will be a momentous, celebratory affair: Election 2012.  No, defeating the…

“Holding Out For a Hero”

By Terrance Griep / October 20, 2011

Lavender Looks To The World of Comicbooks To Find The Perfect Politician Democracy is a funny thing. Last July’s embarrassing,…

Commentary: A Bill for an Act

By David Hancox / October 20, 2011

1.2 proposing an amendment to the Minnesota Constitution; adding a section to 1.3 article XIII; forbidding marriage between individuals of…

From the Editor: Politics as Usual?

By Andy Lien / October 20, 2011

Halloween and Politics: Two subjects that our publication should be soaking in until our fingers get pruney.  The season is…

The Road to Election 2012

By Andy Lien / October 20, 2011

  It’s time to get our Politics on.  Lavender is more than just a pretty face—we’ve got substance, too.  And,…

One Man, One Woman–Right. Right?

By E.B. Boatner / September 22, 2011

  Rabbi Arele Harel, a resident of the Jewish West Bank settlement of Shilo (roughly 40 miles north of Jerusalem),…

Marcus, Is That You?

By Bradley Traynor / September 22, 2011

I love getting reader feedback. The only thing I love more than getting reader feedback is CRAZY reader feedback. Which…

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