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A Word in Edgewise: License to Bully?

By E.B. Boatner / December 15, 2011

Although Michigan toned down its recent hateful anti-bullying bill and passed a saner, more moderate version, the whole episode can still…

Ask Lambda Legal – HIV Criminalization

By Lavender / December 14, 2011

By Scott Schoettes, HIV Project Director for Lambda Legal Dear Ask Lambda Legal, I’m HIV positive and recently heard about…

Marry Me Minnesota Lawsuit Breaks Ranks

By Kaitlyn Walsh / November 17, 2011

Three Minnesota couples are suing the state, a divisive move that many marriage equality supporters say will do more harm…

Ask Lambda Legal: Options after Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

By Andy Lien / November 7, 2011

By Peter Renn, Staff Attorney for Lambda Legal Dear Ask Lambda Legal, I’m a former U.S. service member who was…

Ask Lambda Legal: Back to School

By Lavender / October 7, 2011

By Ivan Espinoza-Madrigal, Staff Attorney, Lambda Legal Q: My daughter is in high school and recently came out. She’s been…

Ask Lambda Legal: Faith-Based Foster Care Agencies

By Lavender / September 9, 2011

By Susan Sommer, Director of Constitutional Litigation Dear Ask Lambda Legal, My partner and I live in Illinois and are…

GLBT Consumer Activism: Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

By Lavender / June 5, 2008

We all have spent money on something we saw in an advertisement. Some of us are veritable slaves to fashion…

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