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Ask Lambda Legal

By Lavender / October 22, 2012

By Thomas Ude, Staff Attorney I’ve never been arrested, but it seems like I get a harder time from the…

Ask Lambda Legal

By Lavender / September 11, 2012

By Thomas Ude, Staff Attorney Dear Ask Lambda Legal I’ve never been arrested, but it seems like I get a…

Ask Lambda Legal – Access to Housing

By Lavender / August 22, 2012

By Natalie Chin, Staff Attorney for Lambda Legal Q:  I just got married to my same-sex spouse.  We are in…

Skirting the Issues: Plan E

By Ellen Krug / July 26, 2012

There’s an important new survey to determine how transpeople interact with the Minnesota courts. But—big surprise—first a story. A half…

Ask Lambda Legal – Arizona’s Immigration Law

By Lavender / July 10, 2012

By Iván Madrigal-Espinoza Q: Some of my gay friends have expressed some insensitivity towards immigration issues—especially with the news about…

Business Profile: Heltzer & Houghtaling

By E.B. Boatner / June 14, 2012

Shareholders Rebecca Heltzer and Melissa Houghtaling opened the doors of Heltzer & Houghtaling, P.A., on December 1, 2010, and were joined…

Heart of Gay Marriage Law Unconstitutional

By Lavender / May 31, 2012

DENISE LAVOIE, AP Legal Affairs Writer BOSTON (AP) — A federal appeals court Thursday declared that the Defense of Marriage…

Skirting the Issues: Being Brave

By Ellen Krug / May 3, 2012

I confess. Sometimes, I get afraid. Like coward afraid. Example: two years ago, as I was moving to Minneapolis, I…

Ask Lambda Legal – Out at Work

By Lavender / May 1, 2012

By Kenneth Upton, Supervising Senior Staff Attorney I just applied for a new job, and am not sure if I…

Ask Lambda Legal – Day of Silence

By Lavender / April 16, 2012

  By Hayley Gorenberg, Deputy Legal Director for Lambda Legal Q: I’m a high school student, and I want to…

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