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Rock Yoga Puppet Opera To De-Stress Your Life

By John Townsend / February 20, 2012

Rainbow Families and their allies of all ages can certainly benefit from and enjoy a creative way to let go…

The Scene from the 2012 Chicago Auto Show

By Randy Stern / February 19, 2012

On February 8th and 9th, I was down at the 2012 Chicago Auto Show fulfilling my duty for several media…

American Idiot at the Orpheum: How Punk Actually Took Broadway By Storm

By John Townsend / February 16, 2012

It’s no big deal anymore to think of a pop or rock musical becoming a Broadway hit. But punk? Well that’s just…

Diana: A Celebration

By Shane Lueck / February 13, 2012

From the moment of arrival at the Queen of Hearts benefit gala thrown by the Woman’s Club of Minneapolis in tandem…

Support Sites

By Andy Lien / February 9, 2012

Are you looking for support?  Do you know someone who could use some direction?  Here is a list of GLBT…

GLBT Youth and Substance Abuse: Seeking Intersection of Support

By Tamarah Gehlen / February 9, 2012

The taboo regarding substance abuse and addiction are lessening thanks to the media and shows like Addicted, Intervention, and even…

Teenage Gay Love Becomes A Beautiful Thing

By John Townsend / February 9, 2012

To an American ear, Thamesmead may sound like some hoity toity affair for posh Londoners. But in Jonathan Harvey’s play Beautiful Thing it’s a depressed…

Slice: The Oceanaire Seafood Room

By Joy Summers / February 9, 2012

The bar inside the new incarnation of The Oceanaire Seafood Room is packed. The room swirls with neon blue reflecting…

Leather Life: A Letter to EricJames Borges

By Steve Lenius / February 9, 2012

Dear EricJames, I didn’t know you, but I wish I would have been able to. I wish I could have…

Minnesota Machine – Play Like a Girl

By Lavender / February 6, 2012

By Nell Gelhaus Of the four kids in my family, I was probably the most athletic, even growing up with…

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