Top Big Gay News Stories of 2016: #6 – Adorable German Ad Features Gay Soccer Player and His Boyfriend

Big Gay News is on holiday hiatus until January 3, 2017. Until then, we’re doing a countdown of the most popular stories for 2016.

Published on June 3, 2016, “Adorable German Ad Features Gay Soccer Player and His Boyfriend” was the sixth most popular story on Big Gay News.

Out Sports reports to celebrate 25 years of high-speed rail service, German Railways is releasing an ad for Pride Month called “The Fan,” that focuses on a young man who uses the rail service to follow his soccer playing boyfriend.

CEO of the ad agency BBDO Berlin, Franzi Heusel said, “The film is a cinematic love letter. And it is just at the time of the [Euro 2016 soccer] championship, a true statement.”

The high-speed trains connect the country and every day hundreds of thousands of people use the transit service. Gabriele Handel-Jung, head of marketing and communications at German Railways said, “The ICE [inter-city railway] stands for 25 years for a modern, simple and resource-saving mobility. So it is appropriate that we celebrate this special birthday with a surprising, emotional anniversary campaign.”

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