Top Big Gay News Stories of 2015: #1 Christian Laettner Says Gay Slurs Hurtful While He Was At Duke

Big Gay News is on Holiday Hiatus until January 5, 2016. Until then, we’re doing a countdown of the most popular stories for 2015.

Published on March 17, 2015, “Christian Laettner Says Gay Slurs Hurtful While He Was At Duke” was the most popular story on Big Gay News.

OutSports reports that in 1992 rumors that Christian Laettner was gay spread because of three factors: he was a very good-looking “pretty boy,” vain enough to  fix his hair during a game; he made women swoon, and this made other men jealous. 

He also was the best player on a great Duke team from 1989-92. 

Fans came to hate the team for its greatness.

Laettner was the face of the team and opposing fans needed something to fuel their hate. 

Gay slurs were the order of the day.

Chants included the words faggot and homosexual. 

Now 45-year-old Laettner is married with three children.

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