GLBT Media Company in Lawsuit with Media Giant Over Trademark Infringement


GLBT media company Out Front’s branding (top) is significantly similar to new branding of the former CBS Outdoor division, now known as Outfront Media Inc.

GLBT media company, Out Front,  is based in Denver, Colorado and has been in existence since 1976 — nearly 40 years. Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) had a division called CBS Outdoor. In November of 2014, CBS spun off their “outdoor” advertising division and re-branded the company to a virtually identical brand as Outfront.

“As Out Front continues to survive the transition from print to digital media, the adoption of our company‘s identity by this media giant threatens the very freedom that small business in America was built on,” says Out Front owner Jerry Cunningham.

CBS Outdoor‘s new corporate name is Outfront Media Inc. (OMI). Using a brand name and logo virtually identical to that of Out Front, OMI has shown a willingness to sell advertising space to just about anyone, even those who are known to actively work against the GLBT community.

Cunningham says, “We believe that OMI absolutely knew it had stepped over the line when it adopted Outfront as its new brand — they stated so in their Prospectus.”
The prospectus Cunningham references read, “We may not be able to maintain or enjoy comparable name recognition or status under our new brand as we did using the ‘CBS Outdoor’ brand name. In addition, we may face the risk of claims that we have infringed third parties’ intellectual property rights with respect to our trademarks…”

Over the last four decades, Outfront has nationally led the GLBT media charge and has been instrumental in standing up against anti-gay policies since its inception. Now, the media company has launched a Go Fund Me campaign to raise the funds necessary to maintain it’s brand against the CBS media giant.

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