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BigGayNews from the United States:
Michael Sam To Become First Openly Gay NFL Player

NBC Bay Area reports that Michael Sam waited and waited as hours passed, rounds came and went, and eventually there were only eight more picks left on the third and final day of the NFL draft.

Sam admits that being chosen as the 249th pick overall was frustrating, and while he did not come out and say that his previous announcement of his sexuality had anything to do with his late pick, many have wondered if that might have been the case.

Still, Sam’s signing to the St. Louis Rams made history, and his overjoyed kiss with his partner made news as well.


BigGayNews from Kansas:
Fourth Sibling In Phelps-Roper Clan Leaves Westboro Baptist Church

LGBTQNation reports that Zach Phelps-Roper, the 23-year-old grandson of Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred Phelps, has left the church after 20 years of anti-gay preaching and picketing.

Phelps-Roper, who had been brought to church pickets and marches since he was a very young child, said that he had recently begun to question the church’s teachings after meeting a number of people from the GLBT community.

He said that, contrary to what he had been taught about the evil and violence of homosexuals, he has found them to be “among the most loving and supportive people” he has met. Phelps-Roper left the WBC family compound in February, and has had only limited contact with his parents since.


BigGayNews from Indiana:
Indiana Must Still Recognize One Gay Marriage

The Fort Wayne News-Sentinel reports that the state of Indiana must recognize a lesbian couple’s out-of-state marriage throughout their legal fight to have one of the women named as a spouse on her terminally ill partner’s death certificate.

The Indiana attorney general’s office said it would appeal the judge’s ruling.

The lesbian couple said: “We are so relieved. We are so thankful that we can move forward and concentrate on being with each other. Our time together and with our daughters is the most important thing in the world. I look forward to the day when all couples in Indiana have the freedom to marry.”


BigGayNews from New York:
New York Names Queens Street After Pioneering Gay Rights Family

LGBTQNation reports that a street in the Flushing neighborhood of Queens has been named in honor of he founder of PFLAG and her family.

171st Street, between 33rd and 35th Avenues, has been officially renamed as “Jeanne, Jules, Morty Manford PFLAG Way” out of respect for Jeanne and Jules Manford, who founded PFLAG in support of their gay son Morty.

Daniel Dromm, a member of the New York city council, said that the Manfords stood for family values and that he hopes that “this co-naming will not only honor the Manfords, but encourage all New Yorkers to stand up for equality.”


BigGayNews from Russia:
Conchita Wurst’s Eurovision Victory Sparks Anger In Russia

The Huffington Post reports that victory for Austria’s bearded transvestite Conchita Wurst at the Eurovision Song Contests prompted an outpouring of anti-gay anger from Russian politicians and stars on Sunday.

Opinions ran from calling Wurst’s victory “the end of Europe” to likening it to a “mental illness of contemporary society’ to saying that the future of Europe was “a bearded girl”.

One supporter of Wurst was pop star Filipp Kirkorov, who produced Russia’s entry in the contest this year. He suggested that her victory should perhaps serve to help Russians reconsider their homophobic views and support of draconian anti-gay laws.


BigGayNews from Great Britain:
Step Forward Into Past For British Gay Couples – Coats Of Arms

The New York Times reports that first, same-sex couples in Britain won the right to civil partnership, then to full marriage, and now they can have their own coats of arms.

The College of Arms, which has guarded noble titles and insignia since the 15th century, recently ruled that married same-sex couples are now allowed to combine their heraldic symbols as heterosexual couples have done for centuries.

While this will only affect about 1 percent of Britons, the gay rights group Stonewall applauded the step, with media manager Richard Lane stating “Most people would agree that this is a quirky, antiquated tradition, but it’s nice that this tradition has now caught up with the reality of modern Britain.”


BigGayNews from Japan:
Nintendo Says No to Gay Weddings in Upcoming Game

Time Magazine reports that Nintendo delicately rebuffed requests from gay gamers and rights advocates to simulate same-sex weddings in its upcoming release, Tomodachi Life, saying that they “never intended to make any form of social commentary.”

Dozens of countries across the globe now allow gay marriage, but it’s still not permitted in some virtual worlds.

Nintendo has resisted calls from gay rights advocates to allow avatars in same sex relationships to marry in its new life simulator game.

In the new game, an avatar called a “Mii” can go shopping, visit amusement parks, and do just about anything, other than marry another avatar of the same sex.


BigGayNews from Crimea:
Russia’s ‘Gay Propaganda’ Law Takes Effect In Crimea reports that GLBT people in Crimea are now subject to Russia’s so-called “gay propaganda” law.

Citizens of the peninsula recently voted to become part of Russia, and authorities have canceled an upcoming Pride march, along with announcing plans to create a “morality police”, implement censorship of social media, and close down GLBT clubs and organizations.

Maxim Kornilov, a 29-year-old gay man, told reporters that “before Russian occupation, it was really complicated to be a gay in Ukraine – that’s why I’m still in the closet and feel trapped. Now it’s absolutely unbearable.” Kornilov plans to flee to Turkey as soon as he can afford to do so.

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